Chapter Six

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(Bella's POV)
"Hey dad." I said sitting down and grabbing a piece of toast.
"Hey Bella I have something to tell you... ISABELLA COME HERE!" My dad said.
"WHAT SAM?" My mom shouted back.
"Wha- oh." My said while looking at me.WHAT?Why am I so important all of a sudden.
"Okay so we...." My dad said his voice trailing off
"We adopted you." He said.
Tears started to form in my eyes.Im not really part of this family?No wonder I look different from them.My mom had blonde hair and my dad had brown hair.My hair used to be black until I died it Brown and blonde.
"Bella..." My mom said.
"No get away I need time to think." I said pushing my mom away from me and heading to Chloe's house.Our line up was
Nelly had the first house on the block
April was second
Then Chloe
Then me
Then Ally
And the last house was Jaylen.
"Bella why are you here?" Chloe's dad asked.
"Where's Chloe?" I asked.
"She just said she was headed to Aprils house to find out a secret oh did-" he was still talking but I didn't care I headed straight for Aprils house.
"Chloe?!" I shouted.
"Yeah?"I heard Chloe say.
"I need help." I say.
"What?" Chloe said.Chloe was alone wasn't she here For April?
"HOLA BITCHEZ!" April popped from no where.
"STOP DOING THAT!" Chloe screamed and we all laugh.
"Nah." April said.
"How do you do that?" Chloe asked.
"THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW!" April said while smirking and backing into the darkness.
"WAIT!"Chloe says and trying to follow April but she couldn't find her.
"da fuq?" Chloe says.
"So anyway I'm adopted." I say.
~Ali and Lexi

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