The Best and Worst Day

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It's been a very busy week. There's been a lot of work at the studio. Ian and I only get one hour in the day to be alone and that's at lunch time in his dressing room. We call each other at night, but it wasn't the same.

At work we always smiled at each other as he acted and I stood by the cameramen watching him.

Today I was getting my first check that would hopefully put the first payment on a new apartment for me. Eliot offered to come with me and he had an arm over my shoulder as we entered the main office.

"Hey, Alice..."

Ian was here and he trailed off when he saw Eliot. He turned serious, but Eliot was even more serious.

"Hi, Ian!" I grinned and hugged him.

"Who's this?" Ian asked and Eliot answered before I could reply.

"Eliot." He says and they shook hands before Eliot put the arm back around my shoulder.

"Yes, he came with me to pick up my first check." I say, smiling up at Eliot who's lip was twitching since he was holding back laughter.

Ian was obviously jealous, thinking the wrong thing.

"I'll--uh--wait for you in the car." Eliot says and kissed the side of my head before leaving.

Okay, now I felt bad for Ian.

"He seemed like a really nice guy. He's lucky to have you." Ian says politely and I couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah, too bad he's my brother." I sighed and Ian went into a laughing fit.

I giggled and pulled him outside when people were starting to stare. We sat on a bench together and Ian took my hand, still laughing.

"I'm an idiot." He says.

"Yes, but you're my idiot." I say and I kissed him.

"You got your first check?" Ian says, looking at the envelope that was in my hand.

"Yes! I can finally get my own place and I didn't even need to take the double stunt job!" I say excitedly.

"I'm happy for you... Do you think it's weird that I've been looking for an apartment for you?" Ian says, touching my bun that was in a shape of a bow.

I scrunched my eyebrows at him.


"Yeah, I figured since your so busy I could help." He shrugged and I kissed his chin.

"I think that's sweet, but I'm very hard to shop for." I say smirking.

"Believe me you'll like the place." He gave me his smolder look that was the equivalent of my puppy eyes.

"Okay, Flynn Rider, when can we see this place?" I teased him.

"How about tonight? I'll text you the address and we can meet up there."

"Okay," I say. I stood up to leave, but he pulled me onto his lap and kissed me. "Ian, there are people here."

"I don't care. We don't have to hide." He says, caressing my face and leaving my cheeks red to his touch.

"Well, I have to go anyways before Eliot leaves without me," I say and he let me go reluctantly. I quickly kissed him and ran before I changed my mind. He laughed and threw a kiss at me which I caught.

"We're so weird!" I say over my shoulder.

"I like being weird with you!" He yells back.


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