Dad and I got home (safely from anymore cars), and I immediately went to my room, and changed in a Galaxy footie pajama with a hood — and my beanie on my head. I came out seeing Dad on the couch, he looked at me funny as I went to the fridge.
"What are you wearing?" He asked, laughing.
"Footie pajamas." I answered.
"Why?" He asked, still laughing.
"Because this is how I watch TV." I reply.
"In that case, I better watch in my room," Dad says. I laugh, as I sat on the couch, next to Dad.

I let him take control of the remote. As we couldn't find anything good on, he asked, "You wanna do something this weekend?" I looked at him, trying not to burst out of joy.
"Sure, I'd love too." I smile. Dipping my hand in a bag of cold small chocolate covered Rice Krispy balls, I pop some in my mouth and look to Dad.
"Want awn?" I lean the bag towards Dad, hoping he knew what I said. Dad chuckles, dipping his hand in the bag and taking a handful. "You are one weird kid," He chuckled.
"Thank you." I said with a smile. Either it was because I haven't been this close to him in forever, but I could've sworn I felt a magnetic pull. Something making me scoot closer to Dad, having him to put my arm around me.


      I've been working my butt off at school to get homework done so I can spend time with Dad. I'm excited for this weekend, so I'm getting used to do homework at school, thank God Wednesdays are full of study halls.
I sit in the library doing Social Studies. Do I really have to know all the places in Germany?

Something with a sharp edge hits my head. A crumpled piece of paper lays on my workspace now. Looking up, I see Shannon and her 'friends' at a diagonal table three spaces up in the next row. They snicker and giggle, looking at me. I grab the crumpled paper and walk up to their table. Using the palm of my hand, I squish the crumpled paper on the table in front of Shannon.

"Could you not?" I ask. She glares at me as I turned around to walk back to my seat. Sitting down, I tell myself I have to finish this. Picking up my pencil, I start writing again. I can see from the corner of my eye, that Shannon is positioned at me. She throws the same crumpled paper ball. This time — which I have no clue how — my hand shot up and caught the paper ball right as it was about to hit my head. Trying not to be too amazed at myself, I see a trash can, and throw the paper ball into it. I notice Shannon curling her lips inwards in annoyance. Looking down at my work, I smirk.


      I walk out of school with Jax and Levi as usual.
"You guys wanna have another movie marathon?" Levi asked, as we were walking towards the sidewalk where I almost died.
"When you say 'movie marathon' it's only one movie, and then after we all just leave." Jax explains. "But I got nothing better to do, and my mom is working late tonight."
In Jax's family, it's only him and his mom in their apartment. His father left him when he was only three years old.
"Well, we can't do it at my apartment, Darrel is coming over for dinner, and I have to be out of the house like my brother and sisters are." Levi explained. Darrel is Levi's mom's boyfriend. Levi and his siblings get along pretty well with Darrel. The last time Levi saw his dad was when he was six.

"Banner, your place?" Jax asked. I looked at him, gritting my teeth.
"Uh... No, sorry, I want to hang with my dad more." I say. Levi and Jax look at me, bewildered.
"But... Isn't your dad like... At work all the time?" Jax asks, as if he was too scared to say the sentence. I smile, biting my bottom lip. "Well, he's taking a week off!" I exclaim.
"Really?" Levi asked, looking at me. I nodded with a big smile.

"Okay, maybe this weekend we could hang?" Jax asks. I grit my teeth once more.
"Uh... Well... Actually my dad and I are hanging out this weekend." I say. Levi looks like he's gonna protest, but Jax jabs his elbow in his rib cage — well, more like his shoulder considering how small Levi is.
Exiting school property, I see Dad across the street, and leaning on his hood once more. This time, I look both ways before I cross the street. I don't want to give everyone a second heart attack. Running across the street, I bolt to Dad and hug him, as he does the same back.

"Hey Babe," He greeted. I smiled, hearing the name he used to call me. "Hey Dad," I greeted back. Heading to the passenger side of the car, I hear, "MAYBE NEXT WEEKEND?" Turning around, I see Levi at his car as half in the passenger side.
"Sure!" I call back. He gives me a thumbs up. I smile as I get in the car. Dad was already in, so as I sat down, he looked at me. "What?" I ask, pulling on the seatbelt.
"Did he ask you out?" Dad asked. I cringed in disgust.
"Heck no! Levi's goal in life may be to get a girlfriend, but it's so high he won't even be close to reaching it." I say. Dad gives me a look, but a smile plays on his face. "Kerr-y," He says, longing the y.

"It's true!" I exclaim.
"Is that all you and Jax do to him? Pick on him?" Dad asks, as he pulls the car out of the parking lot.
"Dad he loves it! Plus, we already have told him so many jokes about him he cracks up laughing!" I'm in giggles by the end of it.
Dad chuckles. "What about Jax?"
"What about him?" I ask.
"You guys have some... Similarities that could lead up to it." Dad says. I mean, Jax is a cool guy. He's cute, I guess, but we're friends, and it'd be weird if I liked him, or if he liked me. "He probably likes someone. I don't know who, but I'm sure he does."


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