Chapter One - How It All Started

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Lucy POV

The sun rays shot through the curtains, birds gently sang together in harmony, my bedroom filled with sunlight. I sat up on my bed, checked my phone and saw texts from my close friend saying "Lucy, I'm moving away." Inside I felt sad, but on the outside I had a big smile on my face concealing all the sadness behind it. Plue was looking at me with confusion "Don't worry, Plue." I quickly got changed and headed out into Magnolia market, "It's so busy today." 'PING!' "Oooh its a message from one of my friends." Said Lucy delightedly. Just as Lucy was typing a reply, a beautiful pink-haired boy walked past her, next to him was a blue cat with wings. I looked up to see him, and he started to look at me too, we stared at each other for more then ten seconds..."YOU LOOOVVEEE EACH OTHER!" Shouted the blue cat.

"Uh ummm..." 'PING' my phone went off with another text, I walked on and was heading back home.

Natsu POV

"Wow, that girl is pretty." Said Natsu in a surprised voice. "Let's buy some fish, Natsu!" Said Happy with saliva dribbling down his mouth. "Wow, I have to know her name." Said Natsu, still with amazement. "Natsu is in love!" Says Happy.

"No I'm not in love!" Says Natsu quickly. Me and Happy walk home both thinking about separate things, me thinking about that girl I saw in the market and I think Happy is thinking about fish.

☆•Night Time•☆

Natsu POV

"Happy, time to go bed now!" I can't go to sleep, I keep on thinking about the girl I saw in the market today. Tomorrow I'm gonna find her and ask her what her name is! "" Happy says quietly. "Happy is dreaming about fish again, hahaha." laughs natsu.

Lucy POV

I'm not that sleepy, I'm just gonna go write some more of my book. "Hmmm...what to write, I cant think of anything but that boy I saw in the market today." Says Lucy. I know, I'm going to go to the market tomorrow and see if he will be there and ask his name.

☆•Next Day•☆

Natsu POV

I woke up so early today, I'm going to head down the market now and go find that girl and ask her name! "H-hey Natsu, I'm still sleepy." Says Happy drowsily. "I have to find her, Happy!" Says Natsu happily.

Lucy POV

Yes, I'm ready! I walk down the street to the market. Wow,there's such nice things here! While I'm looking at the stuff, I heard someone calling me "Hey you, the girl in blonde!" Shouts Natsu. Ooh its the cute boy from yesterday! "Hello, my name is Lucy Heartfilia."

"Oh, hello Lucy I am Natsu Dragneel." Says Natsu. I notice the Fairy Tail emblem on Natsu's arm. "Wow, you're in the fairy tail guild? I've always wanted to be in that guild! " I tell Natsu.

"Yeah." Then Natsu notices Lucy's celestial spirit keys on her skirt. "Oh, you're a mage too?" Asks Natsu.

"Yeah, I'm a celestial spirit mage!" I say proudly."Hey Lucy, why don't you join the Fairy Tail guild?" Asks Natsu.

"Ooh, I'd love to!" I reply in a excited voice.

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