chapter 2

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When the storm hit I didint know what was happening I just felt a serge if energy and heard a voice in my head saying power more power. About a week went by and I didn't feel any signs of what was in me until some weird guys in suites tryed to take jade from me at the beach it turns out they were the hunters. They pointed guns at me telling me to stay out if it and it happened I felt my self changing, transforming. I felt my skin ripping as my wings started sprouting there black and feathered. My eyes blacked and my horns riped though my scalp my right arm's skin turned to a stone like armer. And then my sword ruination shot out of my left palm.

I went crazy I slautered them all every single last one. I scooped up jade and flew away. I took up home and I was stuck like this for a few houres but I figured out how to control it I coulf now change when ever I wanted. We stayed in our home for about three days but the hunter came back. Jade was just figuring out that she had strange abilatys as well. She could speek to the dead and also had a demon form her hair turned to flames her eyes turned blood red and a scythe formed in her right hand.

Your probably wondering how gods of multiple religions exist in the same place well this universe is made up of realms. there are 7 godly  realms in total the Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish realm because they all share a god, the greek realm, the odinistic realm, the Wicca realm,  the egytion god realm, Japanese god realm, and the native American god realm.

We live in the cross road between the godly realms. The hunters are from pergatory. I get my power from the Catholic, Christian, Muslim, and jewish realm my power comes directly from lucifer. There was a time  when I didn't have full control over my power. Some times when I changed Lucifer would control my body. I took me time but I got my body back. Jade went threw the same stuff but she dealt with it better then me.

The twins are less lucky, they have yet to master there power. They have yet to learn how to change. They can barly summin there weapons. They use twin sword one with the power of fire the other storms.

that concludes the back story back to where we were

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