Chapter 3

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It's been over a month now. I told him that I had some bad news. He didn't seem so happy about it. 😔 I told him that I kissed another guy. But I didn't tell him that it was a friend of mine. What had happened was that my friend stole my phone from me and I had to chase him all over the school to get it back from him. He wouldn't give it back to me. I kept on asking him to give it back. He grabbed my arm and pinned me to library doors and told me that he won't give me my phone back until I kissed him. I told him no I won't just give me my phone back. He said "Nope not until you kiss me". I said no again. I turned my head and he grabbed my head then he kissed me. I wanted to cry so bad because it felt like I cheated on Aron like that. I didn't tell him about all of that because I knew that it was my fault. But he forgave me and it but it behind us. I happy that he forgave me just not happy about what happened. He said that he would call me so we could talk and make me feel better. I love talking to him. I love hearing his voice. His voice has this sound and feeling that lets me know that he's never gonna leave me and that I'm his one and only. His voices makes me wanna cuddle with and hug him and never ever stop. I'm never gonna stop loving him. I know I sound like an obsessed girl but I really care about him and don't want to lose him. He's the only guy that I'll ever love. Yea I know he's my first boyfriend but he's the only guy that has ever made me this happy. I use to think that your first boyfriend or girlfriend is your mistake but he's not. I can't stop thinking about him. When I talk on the phone with other people I get nervous but when I talk to him I'm not nervous at all. I just be myself. He gets really shy and nervous when we are on the phone because he afraid that me might say something wrong or panic. So he texts me of what he wants to say. I to,d him it's just me don't be afraid. I won't make fun of you or anything. I just really want to hear your voice. When he say he loves me when we are the phone I get all girl and crap. Then I blush hard core. Because I know that he means every single word he says.

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