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They call me crazy but 

crazy is just another word

to spit at us weaker


how can't they realize that

we are in need of medication

Me and Gerard stayed up a few hours that night, just talking. It was very nice to be able to talk to him like that and also that he didn't have a problem with it.
He told me that he wouldn't just tell anybody something as deep like that but he'd find me different and easier than most to talk to.

We had been sitting on his bed with blankets around us. Only some hot chocolate and it would have been perfect.
We then woke up an hour later realizing we'd fallen asleep on each other.
After saying goodnight I took my blanket over to my bed again and fell asleep.

"Frank, Frank wake up!"
There was a voice that was talking to me but I was too tired to make up who it was.
Maybe somebody was going to kill me, stab me while I slept.
I got to get up and see!
"Whoa take it easy dude. It's just me, Gerard".
He took a hold of my shoulders to make me calm and steady again.
"I'm sorry, I thought it was a murderer". I explained trying to get calm.
"Oh hah well it wasn't. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready. I'm starving so let's go down".

I agreed and followed his pace. When we walked down the stairs I saw he had some cute duck slippers on and I just couldn't contain my laughter.
"What's so funny?!" He asked me looking very confused.
"Oh-nothing I'm sorry, it was just your slippers. They're really cute".
Gerard still looked a little confused to my sudden outburst but were soon also smiling.
"Yeah I know, they're really cozy too." he said smiling at me.
It then hit me that I still wore my pyjamas and it maybe wasn't the best clothes to wear.
"Um Gerard..maybe I should go get changed into some other clothes."
He turned to me and then said.
"Nah dude it's just pyjamas, no one will be bothered I promise."

We then went to eat our breakfast that had been prepared for us.
I must say it's very nice getting treated like this and without being in an institution. The institution were never caring back there, no they were just generous with the food and I have to say I was very grateful for that.

Gerard's mother who already was in the kitchen asked if we had any plans for today. Gerard just answered that he hadn't thought about it but that we could see a movie later tonight.
"Yeah that sounds like a good idea". I said finishing my sandwich.
Their mother truly was good at cooking food, not that this was any cooked food but it was still great.

"Okay good, well I'm off to shop some groceries". Gerard's mom said grabbing her things.
"See you boys later, I won't take long".
The door closed and we continued to eat our breakfast in peace.

Out attempt to move in to the living room to see if there was anything funny was yet disappointing. We had agreed to get up and change so we could do something else that was funny.

Gerard had decided that we could go outside and take a walk. It sounded quite lame when he said it with believe me or not excitement in his voice.
I wouldn't have thought Gerard was someone who would come up with an idea like that. He seemed more like that type who stays inside all day just doing stuff they liked. That was perfectly fine though and well I also spent all my days inside.
Maybe I was wrong, after all I really haven't known him that long so there's still time for surprises.

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