-5; Remembering Sunday-

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I awoke in the morning, to the smell of Pancakes. I rolled out of bed, pulling a brush through my hair, and putting a snapback on. My bed was empty beside me, so I took this opportunity to get changed. I walked downstairs, and walked to the kitchen munching on a chocolate bar I had on my desk, to see a shirtless Jack in my kitchen. I spat out the bit of chocolate I had in my mouth, choking.

"Are you okay Taz?" He asked, running over and patting my back. I nodded taking a deep breath in.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine." I smiled weakly, using all my will power to not stare.

"Here, I made some pancakes for you." He mumbled.

"Thanks?" I giggled and took the plate he was now offering.

"Thanks for last night." He looked at his feet. "I owe you one."

"You told me you 'love me', that you want to sleep with me in your arms.." I admitted.

"You-" he coughed, his eyes buldging out of his head.

"Yeah, I have texts to prove it." I giggled. "I won't show anyone Jack." I smiled and skipped outside, grabbing my pennyboard and bag, and skated down the road towards school.


Music exams. Fuck. I'm nervous. I can't do this. I started breathing heavily.

"Deep breaths Taz." Becky giggled, her hand rubbing my back, reminding me of the feeling I felt when Jack did it this morning.

"Okay, I'm calm."

"Tara and Becky, show us what you have?" The examiner asked, the rest of the class sat their watching us. I looked at the door, all I had to do was run out, and straight down the corridor, and I could get-

"Sorry I'm late, I'm here to support!" Jack chuckled, Zack following him. I giggled, laughing at the fact Zack was very grumpily wearing the mint shirt with mine and Becky's names on, and Jack was happily supporting with pom-poms and his fluffy hair in two pig tails.

"Okay girls, whenever your ready." The teacher smiled.

"This is Remembering Sunday, we hope you enjoy.." We took a deep breath before I started out with the music, and we both sang.


We finished, our eyes closed, we reopened them to the whole class cheering, including Zack and Jack. I giggled looking at my knees and guitar.

"Well then..." I whispered, Becky laughing her head off. I looked up to see Jack tying Zack's hair up quickly as they did a little cheer.

"Are they... Mentally stable?" The teacher whispered to us, making us fall off our chairs in a fit of giggles.

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