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The school day went by quickly it seems. Abnegation school is teaching about the faction history and what every faction is there for. Since the teachers are Erudite then they are trying to find Abnegation that would want to transfer to Erudite. But not me. Sure I like reading but learning not a chance. I'm not going back to Candor when it's my choosing ceremony. And I don't think I'll be able to stay here either. I mean I am Selfless but I don't think I could be Selfless for my whole life. Well I should stop thinking about it now. My choosing ceremony isn't for another year.

Once I got home, I go up to Beatrice's and my room. I quickly do my Abnegation homework. Wow Abnegation homework is different than Candor homework. Figures. Once I'm done my homework I go downstairs and help Natalie make dinner. Once we finish making dinner we eat. We had some rice with beans. Simple Abnegation dinner.

After dinner we went to help the Factionless. I hope the guy from last time isn't there.

We're helping the Factionless when I see the train come by. It stops and I see... No it can't be... What are they doing here?... It looks like two Candor girls or rather a Candor woman with her daughter. But not just any Candor woman and daughter. It looks like none other than Christina and her mother. They're coming this way. With a ... basket?

Two minutes later they reach us. "Tina? Is that you?" I ask. She looks at me and looks confused. Then she sees my face. "Hi Lizzie. We came to make sure you've settled in." "How did you find out that I live here now?" I ask. Beatrice, Caleb and mom and dad are still helping the factionless. They don't realize that I have visitors. That's ok. I focus on Christina again. "Oh we just went to see Jack Kang and my mom told him how inseparable we were and he told us where you were staying no biggie." "Cool. How are you guys doing? How's Rose? When you get back tell her I say hi?" I ask. "We're doing fine dear. Rose is good and will do. She misses you too. We all miss you." Says Mrs. Smith. I smile. "I miss you guys too." I whisper. "Why are you here exactly? Like besides making sure I've settled in?" I ask. "We wanted to give you this." Says Christina giving me the basket that they brought. I take it and look inside. There's some homemade bread and cookies. I look up at them and smile. "Thank you". I say. Christina comes up to me and whispers in my ear. "The food isn't all there is look near the bottom and you'll find two boxes and open them when your alone." She whispers. I smile and nod. "A much as I hate goodbyes you guys should probably go now. Abnegation aren't..." I fade out because I don't remember what the saying is. "It's alright sweetie, we understand. Don't we Christina?" Says Mrs. Smith. "Yes" says Christina. I look at Mrs. Smith and smile. "Thank you. For everything." She smiles. "No problem child. You were/are family. I'm happy to help." I smile. My eyes watering. I look to Christina. "I'll miss you Tina." "I'll miss you too. I'll tell mom to tell you which Faction I choose when the time comes. That way on visiting day you can visit me." She smiles. I smile. "That would be appreciated. I can know where my bestie is at all times." I say. I hug them both quickly. "Stay safe Lizzie. Come along Christina." Says Mrs. Smith. "I'll miss ya Lizzie and keep in touch. See ya around." She says in a sad tone. I give her a sad smile. "Thank you Mrs. Smith. See you Tina." I wave as they walk away. Once they get on the train I look back and realized that Natalie and the family weren't paying attention to what I was doing. I quickly get back to feeding the Factionless.

After feeding the Factionless we head home. It's only been two days and I'm already thinking of it as home? That's good. I guess. It won't be the same without Christina around. Sigh. Oh well. At least I'm not Factionless.

We get home and Natalie and Andrew make dinner. Fifteen minutes later it's ready. We eat. Then it's bed time. Another day gone. Hopefully I can start calling Andrew and Natalie mom and dad soon. Calling Natalie mom probably won't take as long considering I loved my mom.

My mom died yes. But my dad is alive and emotionally scarred me. It scares me that he's out there sure in jail for what ten years? He knows how to get out though. He used to watch the shows of how criminals would go to jail and try to break free and he would always tell the screen how the criminal could've gotten out faster and gotten away.

Don't think about that Beth. Think of the positives. You have a new home. A family that happily took you in. That will learn to love you just as your learning to love them. Time to go to sleep. Good Night world.


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