Chapter 9

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August pov:

I woke u to my phone ringing and Gabriella in my arms I smiled down at her and started looking down at my phone I remembered everythinng thay happened last night and was going to take her to talk to my momma today.

"Hello" I said answering my phone as soon as I found it

"August you better not be at no hoe house" I heard my momma yell through the phone

"No" I said easing up trying not to wake Gabriella

"Then where are you?"

"Gabriella house"

"Oh" she said Mya and Kay wasnt the only ones who like Gabriella my momma didi too

"Momma she had a miscarige last night" I said real low trying not to wake her I heard my momma gasp and I knew she was crying shaking  her head

"Oh my goodness por baby"

"Momma imma bring her ova there for you to talk to her so cook ok"

"Alright see you later I love you"

"Love you too" I said hanging up the phone I looked at the bed and Gabriella was starting to wake up I walked in the bathroom pissed washed m hands and went back into the room. I walked over to the bed and started kissing all on her I heard her moan but what she said after started fucking with me

"Shawn" she said pulling me down kissing me back with her eyes still closed I pulled back a little and her eyes opened she smiled and started kissing me again I pulled back yet again I was really feeling some type of way but it was really my fault because I shouldnt be trying to get with a girl who has just wittnessed her boyfriend for years being murdered less than 3 monthes ago

"What?" she asked looking up at me

"My momma want to see you today and she making breakfast so come on" I said getting up she did the same and went to the bathroom 30 minutes later she came out fully dress looking sexy as hell I smiled 

"You got extra tooth brushes?" I asked as I started to the bathroom

"Yeah check the medicine cabinet" she called out to me I grabbed the green one and started brushing my teeth.

Gabriella pov:

I watched as August went into the bathroom and closed the door I sat there waiting but I got bored so I grabbed his phone and started taking pictures I didnt like the lighting in here so I went to the balcony and snapped 1 more and August walked out

"What you doing?"

"Taking pictures you ready?"

"Yeah" he said grabbing my hips we walked out my room and I went to Nates to tell him I was leaving

"Nate im gone"

"ok" I closed his door back and we left 

"So" August said

"So" I said back

"You know what you called me this mourning"


"you mad beautiful yo" I blushed

"Thank you"

"Your welcome" I looked at him and he looked a little upset like maybe something was on his mind but I didn't want to bother him so I just left it alone. My phone started ringing as we pulled up into his momma driveway


"Aunti Gabby where are you and Uncle August?"


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