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Nick’s POV

“Meow”, I opened my eyes when I felt something climbing on me. I almost screamed when I saw a catting sitting on my lap looking at me. Her eyes are a mix of green and yellow. I’ve never seen a cat like this before. She runs away before I had a chance to pick her up.

Where am I? I turned around and recognized the park Demi and I went to yesterday a few miles away. I tried to remember what happened after we talking but the last thing I remember is Demi leaving without telling me. My head hurts and my muscles are sore. You deserve it, I tell myself and try to stand up.

I don’t remember the last time I had a hang over this bad. The thought of drinking because of something that might have gone wrong between Demi and I made me shiver. I need to make things right today and I have no idea how to go about that. I hurt Demi so much that she felt the need to leave and not tell me.

The air was cool and the sun was making its way up the sky. The trees rustled and people would be happy right now but I just wanted to be home right now. I checked my phone. It’s 6:48 am. Perfect Nick Jonas, sleeping outside and making up at almost 7 am. I scan the surrounding until my eyes fall on the house I just slept in front of. I felt the heat in my face and my whole body when I saw a little sing with D.D.L. Did I sleep in front of her house? I shook my head. No this is some other person’s house and I just slept here because there was no other place. That theory already fades away when I see an empty bench on the other side of the street.

At least I know now how I can find her when I figure out how to make things right again. It won’t be easy I know that and I have no idea what I should tell her. She probably won’t believe me anyway. I kick a leaf and started walking to my car.

Demi’s POV

Nick takes my face in his hands and I enjoy it. He leans over to kiss me but before his lips crash onto mine I said “not now”. Nick climbs on me and I try to scream but no sound comes out and Nick pulls off my clothes. He kisses...

Ring, Ring, Ring...

I wake up screaming getting no air into my lunges. I had a nightmare which causes me to shiver. I haven’t had a nightmare in years so this wasn’t a good sign. I sign and went to go look to see who was calling me. Marissa was calling me but I couldn’t bring myself to answer the phone. I let it ring and eventually it stops.

What does this dream mean? I haven’t had a dream about Nick in a long time but they were never bad dreams. Did something happen to him or should I just never talk to him again? I’m confused about what to do so I shake my head and trying to get my mind to shut up. It works so I get up and start getting ready.

I walked to the bathroom and pulled my pajamas off to take a shower. The cold water makes me feel more awake and able to think straight. This dream didn’t mean anything and my mind is trying to play a joke on me. I sighed when I turned off the water and jumped out of the shower. One part of me wants Nick to call me and tell me that he’s sorry but another part, the one who thinks about what’s best for me, wants Nick never to speak to me again so I can easily forget him.

A few minutes later the kitchen smells like pancakes and I run through the room with my hairbrush singing some songs. I start to feel better again and I don’t want this day to start off bad.

My phone rings again and I thought my hairbrush on the ground and jump singing into my phone, “Demi hereeeeeeeeee” I almost scream and I hear the other person on the other side laughing. It’s Marissa’s laugh and I forgot to look at the caller ID before I picked up. “Are you okay? “she still laughs and I smile. For a short moment I ask myself if I should tell her about my dream or not. “So what do you want to tell me?” I ask her kinda excited about what she wants to tell me. I noticed that when Marissa calls again when I don’t answer I know she has something she wants to tell me.

“Didn’t you see Nick’s tweet last night? He delete it this morning but I’m pretty sure the whole world saw it” Marissa giggles. I almost dropped my phone. I thought Nick didn’t tweet anything but it seems like he did. Did he tweet when I fell asleep or did he block me? Thousands of question run through my mind and my mood changed from good to worried. I sighed. Do I want to know what the tweet said? I can’t give myself an answer because Marissa talks again. “Demi, are you okay?” she asks and I said in a tiny voice “yeah”.

“Okay so do you want to know what he tweeted” she asks not being surprised about the tweet and almost seemed happy. “Yeah” I said trying to sound excited as her but I wasn’t. “He tweeted I had a great evening yesterday until I fucked up everything. I hate myself so much for that. The media is right, I am a jerk.” I winced at the ending of the tweet. I realized that this tweet wasn’t to make me feel bad or to say mean things. He tried to make up for what happened yesterday and I didn’t see it. Now he must think I really hate him or that I never want to talk to him again. I sighed but a little smile covers my face. “What happened between you two?” Marissa asks again. I sort of feel bad for her. Here she is on the other ends of the line trying to make a conversation with me and I can’t seem to form any words. “I’ll have to tell you later. I need to go I’m sorry. I love you” I didn’t wait for her answer to end the call.

Nick and I maybe have another chance, this thought ran through my head. I was so happy that I could honestly hug a pig.

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