Feelings & Confessions

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"Dad?" Rapunzel asked. "What is it honey?" Jack replied "I'm confused I don't think I can go through with this wedding" she confessed.
"Rapunzel, Eugene loves you" Jack assured sincerely.
"It's just that mom said that he would never be faithful to me. And then Rose said the way I could find if he would be is if he confessed to kissing Anna last night, because that would mean that he's sorry, and he didn't *while Rapunzel's voice explained her situation, Jacks face while concerned turned thoughtful* and I think that it speaks to a larger character flaw. And on top of it all, he can't even tell me how he feels about me."
"Honey listen" he spoke in a hushed tone pacing back and forth in the room then sat on a couch and continued what he had to say "people are human, they make mistakes *elsa began to listen attentively to what he had to say outside the door* I made a lot of mistakes with your mom and she definitely punished me for it. But I never stopped loving her through any of it"
"Even asset seizure?" She asked.
"All the lawyers in the world weren't able to change the way I feel about her" he confessed. Elsa's heart began to skip a beat at hearing his confession. Then Punzie asked her father "so then why did you cheat on her?"
Curiously wanting to know the answer Elsa kept on listening. Jack sighed and said "because I was selfish...and lonely...insecure. Your mom was a real star, honey. When she blew out her knee, I wasn't sad. I was thrilled. I thought finally I don't have to share her with the rest of the world. But that didn't happen. She went right back to work. And became the star choreographer, the one everyone wanted to work with, everyone adored. And there I was, still nobody, holding her coats at parties."
"Dad I had no idea"
Elsa's Pov
I looked down not knowing what to think. Have I really been that shallow and self centered back then that I just pushed my daughter towards my dream, instead of hearing what she wanted? So focused on my career that I had no idea I made him feel that way, along with pushing away those I love in general? If I had known, would things have been different? *sigh* but what am I to do I can't change the past all that's left is the present and future to change things.
I kept leaning against the door as I continued to hear Jacks side of the conversation "what I did to her was the biggest mistake of my life. I think I must have always hoped for a second chance. * jacks voice became more solemn* But I never thought I'd get it. I never felt I deserved it."
I look towards the other side ahead of me hearing my daughters response "after you cheated on mom, she couldn't trust you anymore, and now I know why and I can't trust Eugene."
Jacks voice was heard as he said "No, He loves you honey"
"Really? Where's the proof" my daughter questioned. I could hear Jack start to walk towards the door. Not wanting to be seen, and seeing how they both aren't even looking I decided I minus well leave their conversation private and look for Eugene.

No ones Pov
"He can't even talk to me anymore, I can't go through with this wedding. I'm going home" she said then hung up, and decided to head upstairs towards her room and pack. "Rapunzel--" Jack then noticed she hung up. Stopping by his reflection he noticed he was still young. "Damn" he silently cursed knowing she can't see him like this.
Music was still playing around the ballroom with everyone back to normal. Elsa began to feel quite dizzy. As she closed her clutch she noticed how her hands have begun to slowly age.
"Oh, no! Not now!" She silently cursed not wanting anyone to see her she ran to the balcony where she had first kissed Eugene.
Once she got there she began to lean her hand on the balcony while her other hand clutched her forehead. When suddenly Eugene's voice was heard "Hello?" He questioned curiously as he stepped down towards the balcony. Elsa turned around facing him, no longer with her 'Rose' appearance Eugene asked "mrs Winters? What are you doing here?"
"I know I'm not supposed to be here."
"If you came to stop the wedding, you're too late the weddings not happening."
"I know I spoke to Rose, she told me everything"
"What? W-why?"
"We're very close" she mentally sarcastically joked "ain't that the truth."
"You were right about me all along" he gravely spoke. Then said "I broke my promise to her, and then I lied about it. When Rapunzel finds out--"
"Eugene shut up"
He quickly complied as she continued " I flew all the way here to tell you. I know Rose. I've known her all my life. She's a rare and beautiful creature--incomparable actually one of a kind. But she has a problem of letting go. She loves Rapunzel, they used to be very close...when they were younger."
"Really?" He softly asked.
Elsa kept talking "Rose pushed herself on you. She wanted to prove that you weren't good enough"
Eugene intervened and asked "but why would she do that? She doesn't even know me"
Jacks Pov
I was looking around for Elsa when suddenly I heard two familiar voices talking. Once I look down I see a balcony and the two sources Elsa and Eugene.
"Really?" I heard him softly ask.
Elsa went on talking "Rose pushed herself on you. She wanted to prove that you weren't good enough"
Eugene intervened and asked "but why would she do that? She doesn't even know me"
"She..." I see her struggle for a bit to continue whatever it is she has to say as she looks away. Suddenly she continued to speak "had her heart broken a long time ago. She loved a man more than she wanted to. And it made her feel out of control,...and he cheated on her. I don't know I guess she just stopped believing in love after that. And when Rapunzel met you..." I see her turn around to face him "the playboy prince? It was like déjà vu, Rose expected the worse from you, and when the worst didn't happen on it's own she made it happen. She made a terrible mistake, and she is so sorry Eugene. I know I never approved of you, but I was wrong--I should have given you a chance."
I don't know what to think other than the fact that now I understand her point of view on things. I wish I could have just confessed to her long ago how I felt about everything. Maybe then I'd still have her. But I guess everything happens for a reason. Fate sure has a funny way of working. * I silently laughed* I think it's best I walk away and give them space to talk. Either way I now have more things to think about. I look back once more before taking a big sigh and walked away.

No ones Pov

"You're a good man. Don't give up on Rapunzel"
"I think she might have given up on me."
She shook her head and said "Go. Look for her. Tell her how much you love her."
"I don't think she'll believe me"
"Prove it to her. Find a way"
"I'll try"
Still walking Jack then found a bench and decided to take a seat. Not too long after Elsa found him and said "Oh. Jack, look at you the tonic didn't last very long did it?" Seeing that he had aged just like she did. He looked up at her and joked "probably from trying to keep up with you on the dance floor. Like back in the day *she blushed, suddenly finding an interest looking at her high heels* I knew I still had it in me" he playfully wagged his finger at her "look Elsa there's something I've been meaning to tell you, something that if I had confessed long ago might have saved us all this trouble. What I planned to prove--"
"What exactly do you need to prove? *gasp* that's it I know what proof is perfect to hopefully fix all this come on" she pulled his arm and ran along side him with heels.
"What are we doing?" He asked her while still running. "Were looking for a book a big book"
"Ookayyy and what exactly is in this book?"
"Eugene's wedding vows we have to find--" suddenly two men walked by speaking Italian. Jack quickly but gently held her cheeks and kissed her passionately on the lips.
"What the hell are you doing?" She asked.
"I'm trying to hide you" he spoke as if it were obvious, though honestly he just took it as a chance to kiss her like he hasn't kissed her in years, which technically he really hasn't.
"Jack, they're on Eugene's side of the family. They don't even know me" she pointed out. He mischievously replied feigning sincerity "oh, I didn't think of that I'm sorry"
"Apology accepted actually, you're still a pretty good kisser" then began running towards the place she remembered she once saw Eugene writing a bunch of vows. Jack right behind her said "you're not so bad yourself." Once they found the room, Elsa tried opening it. However it was locked.
"So how important is it to get into this greenhouse?" He asked her.
"The future happiness of our daughter may depend on it"
"Alright get out if the way" she moved aside, and Jack tried bumping himself towards the door only to end up with a hurt shoulder. He winced in pain while Elsa tried checking to see if he was alright.
"I'm so sorry Elsa" he suddenly spoke. Confused she asked "about what?"
"I don't know. All if it I guess. Everything I didn't do, everything I did."
"Well it was a long time ago" she spoke looking down as she was still squatting down, and he was still on the floor holding on to his hurt shoulder.
"Not so long. Ever since we split up I feel like I've been living someone else's life. *he then turned his head around facing her and spoke with out most sincerity* I love you, Elsa. I miss you. I want to come home."
"I love you too, you idiot" she smiled. Jack chuckled a bit at her answer. She then continued to talk "I always have. Now let's finish this for Rapunzel." She took out her credit card from her clutch, and Jack just stared at her like 'what the heck are you going to do with that '
Not to long after he received his answer when she successfully opened the door with it. Once they entered stalks of books and sheets of paper were scattered everywhere.
"Which ones are the vows?"
she just sighed and replied "I think all of them, grab as many as you can."
"And do what?"
"You have to find Rapunzel and show these to her. So you can prove that Eugene really loves her."
While they were grabbing piles of paper he asked "you think this is gonna work?"
"It has to, come on" she said once she had grabbed enough. "Right behind you" he replied.

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