He could do it.

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It was silent at first, Finn in shock because of his Gran, Puck because he was glaring at Blaine still instead, Blaine because he was busy trying to gauge Kurt's expression and Kurt because, well I'll give you three guesses.

Then the tension seemed to creep in at the edges. Blaine was awkwardly avoiding eye contact with Puck though he could feel the daggers being sent towards him. If he was honest, he was glad when the meal finished and he and Kurt could retire to Kurt's room.

Still avoiding Puck, Blaine picked up his and Kurt's plates, placing them in the dishwasher before joining Kurt in leaving. His usual smile left his lips however, when he found his exit blocked by a tall wall of muscle.

"Excuse me," said Blaine politely, trying to edge his way past Puck.

"Nuh-uh, I wanna talk to you."

"Puck-" warned Finn nervously, watching Kurt who was currently looking torn, if not, frightened.

"What did you do to my boy?"

"Excuse me?"

"What did you do to Kurt?!" Puck took an intimidating step towards Blaine, towering over the shorter boy.

"Nothing!" Blaine protested, taking a step back and trying to not look scared.

"Well I doubt he just ran away to the hospital for nothing! What are you doing?! Brain-washing him? Abusing him? I swear if I find out you did anything to scare him into going into the hospital I'll fucking kill you!" As if to reinforce his point, Puck shoved Blaine against the wall, making Blaine bang his head as he was pinned against it.

"Get off me!"

"Not until you tell me what you did!"

"Puck- calm down!" Finn shouted, though he looked adverse to pulling the boy away in case he got hit.

"I didn't do anything- not get off me!"

Though Blaine didn't mean to, there was the promise of a threat woven into his voice which Puck detected easily.

"Are you threatening me? Gonna hurt me like you hurt Kurt?"

"I didn't hurt Ku-"

Blaine's shout was cut off as a fist suddenly came flying towards his face; it was only his years of boxing and training his reflexes that he moved in time, and even that was close.

"What the hell?!" asked Blaine as Puck swore, holding his hurt hand. Finn instantly moved in to try and pull Puck away but the angry boy slipped out his grip, fuelled by adrenaline.

"What did you do to Kurt!?" Puck demanded again, fists up and preparing to throw another. Blaine didn't answer, knowing there was nothing he could say to change the other boy's mind. Instead he focused on dodging the flying punches.


Puck hit the wall behind Blaine again, missing the shorter boy's face by inches. As Blaine turned, he caught a glimpse of Kurt's face, tears slipping down it. For a moment, he was caught off guard which was his mistake.

Blaine let out a strangled shout as Puck's fist hit his stomach and bent over, trying to catch his breath. Finn by now was pulling frantically at Puck, attempting to help Blaine.

However, his attempts were futile as Puck pulled back his fist one last time, taking a step back to throw it at Blaine's face as he was defenceless. Only they never connected.


A strangled yelp from Kurt made Puck turn, shocked and forgetting Blaine. Kurt was shaking and tears were falling but anger sparked in Kurt's eyes as he watched the boy he quite possibly loved be attacked by the boy he had trusted with his life. Only now, his vision was clouded by memories, Puck being morphed into Karofsky and Blaine into himself. He had wished for someone to help him before and regretted never standing up to the bully, despite the fact it would have only exacerbated the problem, now, he could.

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