Chapter 2: Breaking The News

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An empty stare was his response.

Naruto nervously scratched the back of his head, averting his gaze from such vacant onyx eyes. The blond gulped and played a bit with his bangs, willing them to cover his eyes as he awaited the explosion. Uzumaki had just told Sasuke everything he saw. And the Uchiha seemed to turn into stone. The night was suddenly chilly. Worrying that perhaps he had delivered the message wrong, Naruto opened his mouth to speak.


"It doesn't make any sense."

Naruto blinked, looking at the raven, not quite understanding where he was taking this. "Huh?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes to slits at Naruto, willing for the blond idiot to finally gain a brain. But that only resulted in the Uzumaki cowering away from the Uchiha.

"It doesn't make any sense?" Naruto asked sheepishly, attempting to keep the conversation going after a while of unwanted deafening silence.

Sasuke nodded thoughtfully, his face blank again. "Yeah. I mean, Kurama doesn't even seem to like Sora. Why would he kiss her? And if Itachi-niisan knew Kurama liked Sora, he wouldn't have intervened, it isn't his style. Besides, you even said it yourself, Itachi-niisan doesn't seem the least bit interested in Sora. That, and the reactions, with their personalities, seem so...diverse. Itachi-niisan's the one closing people off. Kurama's the one being pissed at almost everything that Itachi-niisan does. Isn't Kurama supposed to act like Itachi-niisan and Itachi-niisan like him?"

Naruto cocked his head profoundly, thinking over Sasuke's words carefully. "Yeah...but not exactly. I heard that Itachi-nii had a breakdown at work a few days ago."

Sasuke snapped his head to the blond incredulously. "What?! How come you always know something that I don't?"

Naruto snickered, rolling his cerulean eyes. "Maybe because I socialize, like a normal human being."

Sasuke glared.

The blond laughed uneasily, remembering that he was still in thin ice. "But I knew so because it was Nagato-oji who Itachi-nii screamed his lungs at. Apparently, he was really stressed."

The raven nodded, twirling the key chain hoop with his index finger. "Hn."

Naruto huffed, crossing his arms on his chest. "You know, 'Hn' isn't a word, how many times have I told you that?"

"You know, ramen is a heart-attack in a cup, how many times have I told you that?"

Naruto smirked. "Touché."

The boys quieted down, still brooding over today's untimely events. Sasuke really couldn't wrap his mind around the problem. It seemed easy, it seemed solved. Kurama kissed Sora, therefore he likes her, which is why Kurama hates Itachi, now. But there is still so many holes in that. So many questions unanswered. Itachi was extremely observant, he was selfless and loyal. It wasn't in him to betray a long-time friend for a girl that he doesn't even act interested in. It just wasn't like an Uchiha Itachi thing to do. Even if Kurama openly disliked her and wanted nothing to do with her, Itachi still wouldn't get himself with her for the sake of not causing a headache for his best friend. Sasuke has always admired how easily the right certain people are able to make deep bonds with the Uchiha. Kurama and Itachi, for one. Then, there was Obito and Kakashi. Hashirama and Madara. Mikoto and Kushina. And even Naruto and himself. And they aren't necessarily different. Only Hashirama, Kakashi and Naruto are the ones that create a complete yin-yang thing with the Uchiha. Kurama and Itachi are like Mikoto and Kushina, however, for dissimilar reasons in character. Mikoto and Kushina are both temperament and demanding women, with the exception that Kushina lashes out in public while Mikoto patiently waits in the dark corner of a room to gain revenge. The same could be said for Kurama and Itachi. They are both prodigies, assertive, (evil geniuses), and highly respectable people, moreover, Kurama is talkative and melodramatic while Itachi is quiescent and impassive. And, still, they fit well, so unbelievably well, that Itachi nor Kurama would never risk it for some random girl that no one has really known. Sasuke was sure something else most be happening, that there were missing pieces in the mix. Since Kurama nor Itachi is going to talk, he now found a new person to target. He had to find out what was really the dilemma, so he can fix it. So his Aniki would be peaceful again. So Itachi and Kurama would be together again. And, lastly but not the least important, so Naruto could be unperturbed.

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