6 months later...

I arrived at the airport, stepping into the warm Louisiana air. Soon greeted by a hug from Sara. She tells me she misses me and that mambo jumbo and we drive home. I just wanted to be alone. Daddy, had faught so hard, but cancer had other ideas, I had fly home after the memorial. I was in a black dress and my makeup done special and all that. She brought me home and told me the girls were in the house. As soon as I walk in I see a giant banner and all my friends were there.

"SUPRISE!!!!" Everyone shouts. Everyone but George, he was never here when I needed him. He was probabaly on a businss trip. I just ran upstairs crying, it was to much. I was reminising mt daddy's last words to me.


"Hey daddy." I coo. He was so sick in that hospital bed, knowing he won't be able to walk his littlest down the aisle. He won't be able to walk ME down the aisle. I cried thinking about it.

"My beautiful baby girl. I want you to know that I'll be in a better place. I'll be watching ddown on you smiling. I want you to find you're perfect prince charming and live happily ever after like those stories I used to read to you. I have one last request hunny." He said to me. I nodded.

"Anything daddy." I said holding his hand. 

"Sing to me?" He asked his voice so fragile. I just nodded and thought of a song. I started to sing "You can let go daddy"

"Wind blowing on my face, Sidewalk flying benight my bike, a five year olds first taste of what freedoms really like. He was running right beside me, his hand holding on the seat, I took a deep breath and holard as I headed for the street.

You can let go daddy, you can let go, oh I think I'm ready to do this on my own, it;s still alittle bit scary, but I want you to know I'll be ok now daddy you can let go." I sang as his grib loosed on my hand and the line went dead.


I cried. Daddy would want me to finish the song. So I sang.

"I was standing at the alter between the two loves of my life, to one I'd been a daughter, to one I'd soon would be a wife. When the preacher asked 'who gives this woman' daddy's eyes filled up with tears, he kept holding tightly to my arm, till I wistpered in his ear. You can let go now daddy, you can let go, on I think I'm ready to do this on my own, it still feels a little bit scary, but I want you to know I'll be ok now daddy you can let go.

I was killing me to see the strongest man I ever knew, waisting away to nothin', in that hospital room, 'you know he's only hanging on for you' that's what the night nurse said, my voice and heart were breaking as I crawled up in his bed, and said, you can let go now daddy, you can let go, your little girl is ready to do this on my own, It's going to be a little bit scary, but I want you to know, I'll be ok now daddy..... you can let go, you can let go." I finished to clapping. I look to my door to see Thomas there. He came and sat down on my bed, he hugged me and I cried. I cried for daddy, for mom, all my siblings, aunts and uncles, for the cousins who didn't understand what was going on, but mostly for me. Me and my dad had the best realtionship, better with my mom. My daddy told me to be strong, he almost beat up the first boy who broke my heart, he taught me life skills, like how to hunt and skin a moose, how to fish and how to cook. Thomas sat there, not saying a word just being my shoulder to cry on. Thankful I had Thomas I just cried until i couldn't anymore. Kaya walked into the room with a glass of water and an advil. Blake came in and hugged me as tight as he could. Then Dylan walked in too with Will and Ki no far behind.

"I'm sorry for the party Elle, we should have thought about your state of mind." Dylan said. I just hugged him and said.

"It's the thought that counts." The rest of the night was movies, ice cream, red wine and beer.



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