He gets protective over you

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2# He gets protective over you

A/n - I sitting with a big bowl of ben&Jerry's and I am ready to write a whole bunch now, lol

Calum: You'd gone to a concert together. You'd gone to see Fall Out Boy and you had pit seats. The concert was amazing but the crowd was brutal. Cal had been holding your hand but the crowd's dancing was pulling you apart and you were afraid you'd lose each other. You feel a pair of arms wrap around you and for a split second you fear that some stranger had grabbed you but Calum's voice is in your ear instantly. "I won't let go Y/N" He whispers in your ear.

Ashton: You were clumsy and you didn't deny it. You fell up stairs. You tripped on air. You even managed to burn yourself lighting a candle once. You were making dinner with Ashton one night. Your family wasn't home so you had invited him over instead of going out for food. In the middle of chopping vegetables you had gasped and Ashton immediately assumed the worst running over to you. "What's happened Y/N?" He says checking your hands to see if you had accidentally sliced your finger. You were fine but he shooed you away to work on a less dangerous task of making the pasta.

Michael: You were at a party with Michael and the rest of the 5SOS boys. Everyone eventually went their separate ways except for you and Michael who had decided to stay with you as you played beer pong with the host of the party. It was just after 2 AM when you were stumbling outside to the car. Michael immediately sprang into action stopping you from falling down the concrete steps. "Sorry" You gasped as he steadied you. He doesn't respond in words but he doesn't let go of you either as you and the rest of the boys head home.

Luke: You were on the small side. Standing next to Luke you felt even smaller. He knew that you felt weird about the height difference so he always did his best to get it off your mind. The two of you were walking down the streets of LA when you're mobbed by paparazzi. Instead of lashing out at the careless photographers Luke pulls you into his side. "I've got you Y/N" He said as he shields you from the crowd as you make your way back to the 5SOS house.

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