Chapter 9 - Sixth Letter

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Chapter 9 | LTC



I'm so so sorry for what I've written on the last letter. I'm just so emotional! I'm fine now though! Thank God for my friend! She explained it to me, but I still don't get it! Hahaha! Well, I'm still me and still trying to melt you with my eyes! Xavier had talk to me and told me that he liked me and asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend... And of course, I said YES! Haha, kidding. Dang, I'm bored. By the way, I'm not writing right now because I feel it, but because I'm bored! Uhm, should I call my friends? We can go to the mall, so I can't bother you anymore. I just want to play GTA 5 right now! But my brother is playing right now. By the way, I have two brothers! One is older and one is younger. So I'm in the middle! I can't stand guys. Why did I even have a crush on you? Just kidding! I love guys! One thing I hate about boys though are the 'playboys'. Like it's not cool to break someone's heart! I do not have a past, okay? I'm just, I don't want people breaking each other hearts. Ohh! I know a thing about you, this is real, it's not from a friend, I just know this. YOU HATE MATH! Am I right? Hahaha, me too! I can't stand it! I have an assignment in Math and I don't plan on doing it. I don't know a thing about Math! Tss, it's just killing my brains. That's enough I guess?

See ya'.

- x


It's evening when I'm writing this. Don't judge! My brain is damaged x.


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