matthew espinosa |first time

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I giggled softly and Matthew soon crawled back into the bed with me and gently brushed away a strand of hair away from my face. He leaned down and kissed me softly as his hands made their way to my light blue jeggings. He looked at me for confirmation and I gave him a small nod to let him know it’s okay. He pulled them down and as he did so, he left small little kisses on my legs. He got them down to my ankles and I shook my feet getting them off.

I now had nothing on except for the matching set of my black lace bra and panties.

matthew’s eyes carefully roamed down my exposed body and I looked down to see his bulge was very prominent out of his tight black jeans.

I soon heard the click of him unbuckling the belt on his pants and in the split second, they were thrown onto the ground along with the rest of our clothes.

He pressed his body against mine, and we molded perfectly together. I gripped his face in my hands as he kissed me fiercely and passionately. My legs were wrapped around his waist once more, and I could feel the bulge in his briefs rubbing into my core making me moan. "God, your moans are so sexy," he groaned into the crook of my neck. I soon felt Matthew’s large hands make their way to the cups of my bra, massaging my breasts over the lacy fabric "Matthew," I moaned.

His fingers soon wander to my sides and I arched my back upwards as I soon realized he was moving to unclasp my bra. He slowly and gently pulled it from my body, my breasts being completely and fully exposed to him.

His lips went down and wrapped around one of my breasts. My eyes fluttered shut as he began sucking gently. He soon began to flick his tongue over my harden nipple and my mouth parted. He replayed this action to my other breast and as he slowly brought his mouth away, he made a popping noise while doing so.

I could feel myself getting wet and I really couldn’t wait anymore. I knew it was bound to hurt, but I just needed him.

And I needed him now.

I wasted no time bringing my hands to the waistband of his briefs and I gently rolled him over so that I was now on top. "What’s wrong?" He asked concern filling his tone.

I sighed. “What if I’m…Bad?” I could feel my cheeks flush at this conversation but Matthew just chuckled. "You won’t be bad, babe. Just do whatever feels right," he says. I swallowed and nodded. I looked down at his length once more, before I hesitantly wrapped my hand around the throbbing erection. I slowly began to pump my hand and I looked up to see Matthew’s eyes shut tight, his mouth slightly parted.

I stopped pumping and  slowly brought my lips down and engulfed his length into my mouth. It was an odd, unusual taste, but I continued to take him into my mouth. I soon heard him let out a sharp breath and I stopped, looking at him with worry. "Look at you," Matthew teased. I smiled a little and slowly began to drag the underwear off his legs. His erection sprung up, whacking his stomach. My eyes widened as I saw the size of him. I mean, I figured he would be big - but not… This big.

I let out a small breath of air and my eyes flickered to Matthew who propped himself up with his elbows, watching me intently for my next move.

I had absolutely no idea to perform oral sex, and I was kind of nervous. What if I’m terrible? What if he makes me stop because I’m that bad?

"Fuck, no. Keep going," he breathed. I obeyed and put him back into my mouth. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down and I didn’t really know what to do with my hands, so I kept them at my sides. "Whatever you can’t fit, use your hand," Matthew struggled to get out. I continued to bob my head  up and down and I grasped whatever wasn’t going into my mouth and pumped.

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