Two Beautiful Babies

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* Jade's POV*

I was at the hospital to test the babies growth.

Dr. Kelly- Looks like every thing is alright.

Zach- Thank you.

I stood up and I thought I peeded on myself but  my water was broken. They layed me on the bed and set me up so I could get ready. 2 hours later two beautiful babies were born. Ashley and Katie. Zach acually managed to stay with me at the hospital the entire time, those three days were tough...

^3 Days Later^

We went home and Lily was all over the kids. So was Cameron he just didn't really pick them up. I didn't know what was wrong with them though.

Hey guys sorry for rthe clif hanger but its getting late and I have to wake uo extra  early for school. I promise I will update tomorrow

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