chapter 2 pt 1

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   I groaned and looked at my phone for the time. 7:30. Crap! I'm late!
   I rushed out of my bed and picked out an outfit to wear. Then, I hopped in my shower. As the piercing hot water ran over my body, I almost forgot my nightmare, about all the pain, about my life. It was kind of peaceful. That's until I looked down at wrists. Every slit, every cut since age 11 reminding me of my miserable, horrifying real-life nightmare that will not end.

    I sighed and got out of the shower. I threw on my outfit ( high-waisted light wash skinnys ripped up the sides and and a plain black v-neck with long sleeves) and went to my sink to do my hair and make up.

    When I was done I re-entered my room and put on my purple galaxy vans. Then I walked to my door and hesitated, scared to open it. I finally built up the courage and opened it. I didn't hear anything.

     Good, she's probably still in her room sleeping, maybe I can sneak out before she sees me.

     I was wrong. There she was on front of the front door waiting for me. Uh oh.


   "Alaina" She said my name with disgust.

    "Y-yes mother?" I said too frightened to firm a coherent sentence.

    "Don't you have someplace to be?" She growled at me.

    "Y-yes. I w-was just leaving. I woke up a little late. S-sorry."

    "Yes, you're gonna be." She said with the same evil look in her eyes she's had since that night. She started walking toward me.

I was frozen in place, to scared to move.

     Next thing you know I was on the ground with a burning sting in my right cheek. Don't cry, don't cry, be strong. Don't make it worse.
     "Next time wake up on time. Wouldn't want to be any more of a retard than you already are." With that lovely note, she walked off.

       You're probably wondering why she acts this way towards me. I'll tell you. She blames me for my father committing suicide. I know its not true. Me and my father were super close. I still cry myself to  sleep sometimes thinking about how much I miss him. She says that they were fighting about me before he did it. Ever since that day she blamed me. She HATES me, that's why she's like that.

      I groaned and grabbed my cheek.
Ouch, I hope this doesn't leave a mark
     I slowly got up and walked out towards my car. My uncle got it for me. He lives like five states away from me( f.y.I, I live in Florida) so he doesn't know about my mom.

     Nobody does, and I hope nobody finds out.

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