Chapter 8

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(Art by the wonderful XxSkyWindxX)

Vienne's POV

I woke up seeing Seto on my side sleeping quietly. I smiled. He didn't even change his clothes. Must be tired.

I changed clothes quickly and left the room to go to the dining hall. While walking i saw Tyler kind of stressing out.

"Uhm Tyler what's wrong?"

"Seto normally handles the guards but he's sleeping cause he is very tired now i handle the guards and there's a little thief in the city and-" I cut him off. He took a few huge breaths.

"Keep calm. I'll handle." I walked to the main hall. Tyler was following me. I saw a few of the guards talking.

"Hey, um excuse me but uh Seto is currently unavailable so i will give you your tasks. I've heard there is a thief in the city. Go look for that thief and bring him or her here. Got it?" They nodded and went off to the city. I looked at Tyler, who was sighing with relief.

"Thank you Vienne...I thought i could handle them but they won't listen. Well i'm off to see if your friend Dawn is back." He left to who knows where. Well i guess i could wander around the marketplace.

When i arrived at the marketplace it was noisy and it had a huge crowd. Star city is known for having one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. All kinds of sellers come from all kinds of city's or towns. We have Wheatsdale, Mine city, Snowville, etc. They all sell different things.

After looking around a bit something caught my eye. A topaz necklace from Mine city. I looked around it. It was shining because of the sunlight. It was pretty.

Topaz is my birth gem. I heard that if you have your birth gem you get good luck.

"Found something interesting?" The salesman asked.

"Yes, this necklace. How much does it cost?" I asked him.

"20 emeralds, Ma'am." He replied. Notch that's kind kinda expensive.

I checked my pouch. I still have 50 emeralds. That's enough.

I gave the salesman the emeralds and he gave me the necklace. I happily put it on.

I continued walking through the market. Suddenly i bumped into someone. I looked at who bumped into me. It was a brown haired girl probably around the age of me. She has glasses like me. She has a black jacket with a shirt under.

"I'm sorry are you ok?" She asked.

"Yes thanks for asking but please don't be sorry." I told her.

"No no i really am i'm sorry" She said once again.

"No need to apologize but next time be more careful ok?"

"Yes i will." She ran off to who knows where. i happily continued walking until i noticed. My necklace is gone.

I looked back at that girl. She had my necklace in her hand. I angrily ran after her through the crowd of people.

To be a Super Minecraft you need to be a skilled parkourer. Which i am. I ran faster than her so i catched up to her in a matter of time.

She looked back right in to my eyes with a grin on her face. I wondered why.

"Oooohhh Miiiiijuuuuuu" She said. Who's Miju?

Suddenly another brown haired girl pushed me on the floor.

"What the-"

"Got ya" That girl said. I struggled to get out her grip. Finally i pushed her off me and ran after that girl. Only thing i lost sight of her. Great...

The market is so noisy and full of people it's hard to look for her.

After walking around to look for her i saw the same girl again bumping into someone. Once again i heard the words sorry and stuff.

I slowly walked up to her. She turned around and got a bit pale. I took her wrists and cuffed her.

"You are coming with me." I said. She looked to the ground. Then i pulled her with me back to the castle.


Dawn's POV


"I-i'm sorry Tyler but i'm sure i bough-"


"You can ma-"


Suddenly the door opens. Vienne and a....cuffed Skye?

Skye looked up at me. She got a bit more paler than she already is.

"Ehh...Vienne what happened?" Tyler asked her.

"I caught a thief" She replied

"Skye...You're a thief?"

"Wait you know this girl?..." Vienne asked.

"Yes..Her name is Skye..." I replied.

"Yes..I'm a thief.." Skye said.

"For breaking the rules of Star city by stealing you will have to go to the prisons under these castle for a week." Tyler said. The guards took Skye from Vienne's grasp and went down to the prisons. So Skye is the one who stole my things? I didn't even notice...

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