Chapter 2

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"We're here!" Selena exclaimed as she parked on the side of the road and got out.

I got out of the car and looked at the apartment. It seemed to be the fancier ones that have more space and rooms.

"How did you get all the money to buy this?" I asked and took some bags into my hands.

"I told you. My job helps pay for a lot of it." Selena explained before walking up towards the doors.

"Well what kind of job does an 18 girl have while going to school?" I questioned, walking in after her and towards the elevator.

She doesn't even answer me, and checks her phone, "alright. Ever will be home at 2 so we have-," she pauses to check her phone, "4 hours to bake her the best cake ever."

"Ever?" I ask her.

"Yes. My friend's name is Ever. Okay, so you know how to bake right?" She asks me.

I nod and step out of the elevator then follow her to her room. Selena takes her keys out and unlocks the door before opening it and stepping inside.

"Puts the bags over there on the counter and make yourself at home."she instructed before setting her phone and bag on the table and going upstairs.

I do as told and put the bags on the counter then look around. Her apartment had quite a homey feeling. There were pictures of her and I'm assuming Ever from when then were younger. Some of them had their families, but one caught my eye.

I picked the framed picture up, and looked at it. It was of Selena and Calum at the beach, but it wasn't like a normal fan pictures. It looked like Calum and Selena really knew each other.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" Selena says making her way over to me.

"Do you know Calum?" I ask her and she takes the picture out of my hand and looks at it smiling.

"Yeah. I've known him for about two years. I'm surprised you don't recognize me, but then again. He's with a lot of girls," she explains her cheeks turning red.

Then it hits me. The shower. Michael and Aston shocked. Her red face when she saw us.

"Selena," i say, realizing now.

She nods, putting the picture back and looks up at me, "After Calum dropped me off he gave me his number and we've kind of kept in touch." I nod, taking in the information.

"And here you thought I was just some hoe," she says smirking at me already knowing my answer.

"Well when you and my best friend come out of the bathroom soaked in just towels, you tend to think so..." I replied looking back at her.

"True, very true," she smiles, seeming to go back to that day.

"Do you guys still...?" I ask, watching her.

"Oh, yeah. But it's only when we're around. So rarely," she replies and makes her way to the counter where all of the ingredients are.

"Are you gonna help, or did you wanna come just to try and bang me?" she questions, emptying the bags then looks at me, smirking.

"Well if you insist," I smirk back winking and make my way over to her.

She laughs and begins to pull out the rest of the things we need and puts it on the counter. Then she pulls out what I assume is a cook book and looks through the pages until she stops at German Chocolate Cake.

"Can you start breaking eggs and I'll mix the rest of the stuff?" Selena asks me as she pour the flour an other things into a bowl.

"Yeah sure," I nod and crack the eggs into the bowl she gave me.

Once we finished mixing it, we put it in the oven and let it bake. We decide that we should start cleaning the dishes and put things away.

"I thought you were bad at baking?" I ask her as i dry the bowls we used for mixing.

"Out of Ever and I, I am," she shrugs and finished washing the dishes.

"Didn't seem like you were that bad." I tell her.

"Hmm, well I'm just glad we didn't destroy the kitchen. Now we just have to put the stuff away and then wait for the cake." She says and dries her hands and begins cleaning the table.

I watch her and smirk, "You know, you missed a spot," I inform her and grab a handful of flour.

"I did? Whe-" i interior her and through flour all over her shirt.

"Oooh," she laughs, "that's how you wanna play," she smirks and throws flour at me before running away.

I laugh and chase her across the kitchen and into the living room and grab her. My hands full of flour as I rub them all over her face. Her hands grab mine and stop them from moving as she looks up at me.

Her blue eyes staring back into mine, and I can't help but look past her eyes and towards her lips. She's biting her lip and I look at her to see her looking at my own lips.

I begin to lean in and hope she doesn't push me away, and when I get closer she doesn't so I continue to lean in. I feel her lips onto mine and slowly kiss her.

She immediately responds and kisses me back. Her lips soft against mine as she moves her hands to my hair slightly pulling on it and my hands move down her face to her waist. I pull her closer by her hips wanting her as close to me as I can get.

She tugs at my hair letting a throaty groan escape from my throat and she uses that to slip her tongue into mine. I move my hands down her ass and to the back of her thighs squeezing them and she jumps. Her legs wrap around my waist and I begin to walk to the kitchen counter laying her down before taking my shirt off and climb up.

She immediately pulls me closer to her, her lips back on mine as I move in between her legs. I let my hands brush up against her thighs moving her dress/t-shirt further up. My thumbs move up to her inner thighs and she lets out a small moan. God she was so hot.




We pull away to see what's making that noise and Selena sits up and grabs her phone, pushing the hair that fell out of her pony tail back.

She sighs then licks her lips as she lays back on the counter top, "It's Calum."

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