Chapter Seven

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She began to dawdle along the road, and turning done into the forest near their house. It was beautiful, green grass scattered the floor and tall bushy trees towered above letting thin fingers of moonlight to shine through; dimly lighting the pathway. Far to busy in her daydream, Emma bumped into someone. They smelt nice, a mixture of nicotine and cheap cologne, their warmth radiated and his masculine arms wrapped around her to stop her falling. "S-sorry" she stutters, her head still down. "I wasn't lookin-" her speech was rushed and embarrassment danced between her voice.

"It's fine" the deep Australian voice replied as he removed his arms making Emma feel a little exposed. She peered up through her eyelashes, the curly haired boy looked down at her with a puzzled expression. "Were you following me?" He chuckled, squinting in the process.

"I would never follow someone" she scoffed, folding her arms like a stroppy child.

"Yeah, sure"

"Yes exactly" she corrected, the annoyance in her voice doubling.

"So you just happen to be in this forest whilst I was? At 3am" He asked with a cheeky smile, emphasising 'happened.'

"Couldn't sleep I guess" she replied shrugging, flushing a shade pink. Ashton laughed, before a frown replaced it. "Ok, you're like really sad lately, let's go for a walk" Emma announced, making Ashton flinch as she went to take his arm. "We, Mr Irwin, Are going on an adventure" Emma spoke poshly, spinning in her heel and dragging confused Ashton along by his hand behind her.

"It's cold, aren't you cold?" Ashton asked concerned, only earning a shake from Emma. "It's really late, you shoul-"

"Shut up Ashton" Emma giggled, slowing her pace so she was walking hand in hand next to Ashton. Saying she liked it was an understatement, she adored the feeling of being close with him was magical and it was a sensation she hoped she could experience more often. His hands were huge, locking with her petite ones and keeping them warm.

The two walk rhythmically together, keeping close, appreciating the shared heat that radiated between the two bodies. "Do you wanna talk?" Emma awkwardly said, breaking the silence.

"About?" Ashton asked, A little confused.

"I dunno, music?" She suggested, peering up to see the curly mop nodding frantically, his eyes literally glowing, a huge smile replacing his frown.

"I like music, like a lot" he announced cutely, the dimples growing bigger.

"Me too, what sort of bands do you like?" She asked, keeping the conversation rolling.

"Loads, I like greenday, nirvana, the cab, all time low oh blink 182, nickelback..." He rambled, naming countless bands, some even Emma hadn't heard of.

"Me too, I like the rocky music, I love greenday, the 1975, blink 182, busted, nickelback and good Charlotte the most, I like more but they're probably my favourite" she smiled, noticing a tiny giggle escape Ashtons mouth. "Did you just giggle" She laughed, poking him in the side.

"Oh shhh" He chuckled, before returning the conversation yet again back to music. "I love the fact music has so much emotion you know? I love how I spiring some things are, I love how many variations there are and the stories the tell. Music is like a painting, the closer you listen the more you see and understand." Emma smiled, squeezing his hand slightly making him chuckle. The walk had been long, they'd circuited around the forest and we're now on the walk back to Emma's house. "I play drums, Guitar, saxophone, piano and I sing a little" Emma nodded, a little shocked at how talented and musical the giggly dirty blonde haired boy was.

"I only sing and play guitar" she laughed clearly embarrassed, "maybe we can do a duet sometime" she added as they arrived at the front pathway of Emma's house.

"Thank you for tonight Ashton" Emma thanked, releasing their hands and indulging him in a nice close hug. "I had fun" she whispered in his ear, before a tiny yawn escaped her mouth. As they untangled their arms, Emma felt Ashtons hand brush over her pocket.

"Me too" he replied with a smile, "see you tomorrow Emma, goodnight"

"Night Ash" she replied before opening the door and tip toeing up towards her room to enjoy her 30 minute sleep. She checked her pocket, a small crumpled piece of paper was discovered, a number written messily along the middle. Emma smiled, logging Ashton's number on her phone. Not even bothering to get changed, she dozed into a short sleep replaying the recent memories like a movie on repeat; not braking her grin once.

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