Date part 1

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After Hyuk was finished taking a shower, with the occasional Hongbin trying to get in the shower with him, he called N.It rang three times.

"N hyung? I got to ask you something."

"Hyuk, it's Ken."

"What?! I thought I called N hyung. I'm sorry but I need to talk to you too."

"Hyukkie.. You did call N. I spent the night at his house. N hyung is in the bathroom getting refreshed... scratch that he just came out......Hyukkie(N) What do you want?"

"Hyung. Hongbin and I have been thinking about going on a date. But I don't want to be alone so he said that I can invite you guys and go on a triple date. Is that okay?"

"Yeah Hyuk, it's okay. We don't mind. We actually don't mind."

"The date is going to be at on & one bowling alley at 12. Hongbin wanted to go before it got crowded. And also we are going to eat but I don't know where."

"Okay~ see you there." The line went dead. Hyuk started to get ready.


Lets just say that it was very awkward. Hyuks two friends kept on fidgeting. Hyuk should of knew who Hongbin was inviting. He felt so stupid. He and his friend were going up against the other team. There was tension in the air. But all Hyuk cared about was that his team sucked.

Ravi had to hold N to bowl correctly and Leo was soothing Ken after each throw. After a game or four, they went out for dinner.

That was there mistake.
Sorry it was short but I didn't have inspiration to wright it.

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