Chapter Thirty-Eight

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Song suggestion for maximum feels: When You Can't Sleep At Night by Of Mice And Men

Back to Mia's POV btw

"What the h***!" Ashton screamed. I blinked the sleep from my eyes. I looked up to see michael doing the same.

"What the h***? WHAT THE H***?! That's all you have to say! Ashton Fletcher Irwin I can't believe you! I thought I could trust you, I thought I could love you but obviously you don't feel the same!" Abby screamed back.

"Bull****! I f****** love you Abby I, don't understand!"

"You don't understand, of course you don't! You are unbelievable! I'm so done!" Abby screamed, sounding like she was crying. Michael looked down at me confused as we heard foot steps running.

"Abby, no, st..." Ash cried out, but then a door slammed. My eyes grew large as I realized what just happened. I looked out the small tour bus window to see Abby running across the parking lot of a gas station.

"What the f*** just happened?" I heard Calum say from the room where the scene went down. Ashton growled and must've smashed something because a loud crash followed.

"Not again," I whispered, remembering Calum's drunken rage night. Michael seemed to remember too, considering he pulled me in close.

"It's okay," he whispered. "Ashton's not like that, I don't think he'd repeat that night."

"God I hope not," I whispered, on the verge of tears. Then full reality hit me like a truck filled with cement blocks and chickens. Abby was gone. My best friend since grade school, gone. We had no idea where she might be. She may not have her phone. No, that's not possible, she can't live without it, but she may not answer. I couldn't hold it in anymore, tears just started streaming down my face.

"Baby, don't cry. Oh please don't cry!" Michael whispered, using his thumb to wipe away my tears.

"She's...gone..." I said between sobs. "Abby left. I can't believe it. She was my best friend. She doesn't know this area, nor do any of us! Where would we even begin to look? She probably won't answer my phone, and god knows she won't want anything to do with Ash. What even happened?" I said right before I broke into full on tears. My anxiety made everything worse, I wouldn't be able to go on if she left me!

I was a mess. A crying, sleep deprived, make-up smeared mess. I just don't understand why she would do this, but then again I don't know what their fight was. If I had the same fight with Michael would I have left?

"All we can do now is wait to see," Michael said caressing my cheek. I just shook my head, pulling my phone out to send her a quick text.

Abby please come back I'm so worried I don't wanna have to go on the rest of this tour with everyone without you. You are my best friend and I just want you to be okay please just come back

After that I just laid back down with Michael and watched some Pretty Little Liars. About half an episode later I realized we weren't moving. I looked out the window to see us in the same parking lot. Then the tour bus door slammed. My face lit up with hope as I hopped off the bed pulling Michael with me. Sure enough Abby was standing at the doorway, glaring at Ash.

"I came back for Mia and the others, not you," she said pointing at Ash then walking towards the back room. Michael went back to the beds to watch something on Netflix but I sat with a sobbing Ashton.

"I'm such a f*** up!" He said sobbing into his hands.

"No your not Ash, it's gonna be okay, she just needs time to vent," I said resting a hand on his back for reassurance. "Trust me."

"Are you sure, she seems like she hates me now," he cried even harder.

"Well if you well me what happened I might have a way to fix it, but I gotta know if it's fixable," I said thinking of two possible ways to fix this. Ashton let out a big sigh before proceeding to tell me what happened.


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