Chapter 8

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You look up to see at white ceiling and then you look to your right to see Charlie sleeping soundly, suddenly a nurse whips the curtain around and walks straight up to you she is a young woman in her 20's she's holding a checkboard and is constantly looking down at a piece of paper and then stares at you, making you feel slightly unnerved she then begins to talk quite quickly and before you can blink you eyes she looks back at you and asks "Understand?" You nod not wanting to be continuously stared at by the nightmare nurse you giggled at the thought of the name you just came up with you begin to realise the nurse is still looking at you this time her expression is growingly concerned by your sudden bouts of uncontrollable giggles you look at her then turn to see Charlie smirking at your craziness and when you look at each other you can clearly see that nobody understands you most like Charlie does a few seconds later your squashed by Leo hugging you so tightly Charlie takes your hand and kisses it gently you smile and then lay back and dream of the nightmare nurses boss 😂😂
Thanks guys hope you're enjoying this
Amazing support and lots of love to ya all (cos ur special 😁)

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