Song of Chapter: Here, by Alessia Cara


Loud. That was the atmosphere of the club that I was currently in. The music was so loud that I felt my head was going to explode. And as for the people, they seemed more like animals. Well at least they behaved that way. I, however, was quite the opposite, seated on a stool at the bar, quietly sipping on a glass of soda.

I think I made it pretty obvious that I didn't want to be here, with all the slouching and pouting I was doing. This place wasn't exactly my scene. It was way too loud and way too crowded. I would have very much preferred to be at home, reading a really good book or watching television, not sitting at a bar in some club with a massive headache.

I would have left, but couldn't. I'd come here with my friend Roxie. She was my only friend, really, and being the one with a drivers permit, she was my ride home. Unfortunately enough for me, my ride was somewhere lost in the sea of sweaty people on the dance floor.

I knew I shouldn't have let her talk me into coming here. What the hell was I thinking? How could I have possibly thought that I would have enjoyed being at a place like this? We aren't even supposed to be here. Our fake ID's may have claimed that we were 18, but I was far from it, and while Roxie may have looked the part, I for sure didn't.

Normal 16 year old's don't hang out at clubs. Or do they? God I needed to get out more. If we get kicked out of here, I'm going to kill Roxie. Actually, no. That method seems a bit too drastic. Maybe I'll just not speak to her for a few days, possibly weeks if I'm feeling evil. Oh, who was kidding? You don't not speak to your only friend. Not if you don't want to end up friendless.

Peering around, I took in all the drunk and sweaty people, wrinkling my nose in disgust. I really just wanted to go home. A sigh left my lips as I pushed my now empty glass away from me. Just then someone sat on the stool next to me, and me being me, let my curiosity get the better of me. Turning to look at whoever it was, I found a pair of bright eyes staring back. The stranger flashed me a smile and then turned his attention to the bartender, ordering his drink quickly. I shifted my gaze to the counter, fidgeting uncomfortably.

The boy is allowed to come order himself a drink, Elle, my conscience rolls her eyes. Don't be a prude.

I chose to ignore her, instead partaking in a silent prayer that the stranger would leave without bothering me.

"Hi there." Fuck!

Well, what did you expect, my conscience scoffs. Don't expect God to feel sorry for you just 'cause you finally decided to acknowledge him.

I do too acknowledge him, I frown.

Yeah, whatever.

I let my eyes meet the stranger's, not wanting to come off as rude for ignoring him. His eyes were jade green, a lot like mine. His brown hair was more so wavy than curly, and came down a little above his shoulders. I didn't particularly his type attractive, I wasn't a fan of the long hair, but his suited him. Not that it was that long, though. It was just perfect, I decided. His lips were pink, and due to the wide grin that adorned his face, dimples indented his cheeks.

"H-hi," I stammered out in a rush, averting my gaze elsewhere. I blushed profusely, somewhat embarrassed for no reason at all, silently swearing at myself for stuttering like a complete idiot.

"I'm Harry. Harry Styles," the guy informed, taking a swig from the beer he'd just ordered. "And you are?"

No one, I wanted to say. Absolutely no one.

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