Let the expirement begin!!

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I felt weak and very tight,as I opened up my eyes a blinding light shone in my face!"ugh "I managed to choke out ."boss,she's awaken!"a deep voice huffed it was one of Tonys minions the erasers!"good,now prepare the towels and anesthesia this can get messy!"he bursted out laughing "yes boss"the erasers said in union."what do you mean ,it's going to get messy!!"I shouted.i felt butterfly's in my stomach from the fear I had!!my blood started boiling"YOU CANT DO THIS!!"I shouted with rage in my voice"ohh but we already have"he spattered"WHY ME ?why not my naighboor or or a super sexy model ?"I hollered "because everything about you is what we have always been looking for!!"tony yelled.All the erasers we're working to get all the tools for the expirement .There was a box in the center it said "Avian D.N.A"ingraved in a steel box.I just realized I was strapped down to a table."bring the anesthesia to me."tony called out,an eraser appeared and gave it to tony carefully.tony grabbed the Ingection that was full of anesthesia an ingected the cool liquid into my body.i flinched at the pinch the hering made entering my body .after two minutes my body began to feel numb.i looked down and realized I was not wearing my night gown.Instead I was wearing a lose white shirt that came right above my knees.oh we'll at least I was wearing something.i looked to the side and saw a window and could barely make out five faces.i turned my attention back to tony who called an eraser to bring the metal box and the towels.oh boy it's time.i could barley feel my body."ok kitty cat this will hurt but I took some of the Paine away with the anesthesia ."he spoke.WTH I thought agin."why do you call me kitty cat?"I spattered in his face."cause your a feisty one"he said I could see a smirk curve up on the side of his lips .eww I thought."bring in the D.N.A!"tony called out
"Finally hopefully you will be the sixth successfull expirement!"he said calmly."wait what ?there others like me??"
"Why yes my dear of course"he spoke calmly"ha so I am not going to be the only avian freak!"I chukeled to myself.

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