Maddie's P.O.V.

There's nothing better than being festive during Halloween, putting on costumes, and throwing a party.

Okay, there is many things better, like changing from jeans to pajama pants. Or that clean feeling you get after taking a nice shower. Or when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have hours left to sleep.

I like that last one.

Never mind that, let's continue with Halloween.

For obvious reasons, neither me or Jason were able to celebrate much of Halloween. No trick-or-treating, no candy (well, maybe a little bit), and that's about it. No scary movies. It was more like a scary reality.

At school, many people were buzzing about what they'd wear or who'd they'd plan to dress up like tonight.

I heard some of the classics from various voices: a witch, ghoul, goblins, ghosts, vampires, zombies, you know how it goes. All of the cliché costumes.

One girl wanted to be Marilyn Monroe, and another wanted to be more vintage and old fashioned---like Audrey Hepburn.

And as old as these people are, some want to dress up as Anna and Elsa. I'm sure everyone knows these two characters. It's the latest Disney craze. Frozen. I've been hearing about it non-stop for months now. But, I personally enjoy the movie, I just thought it would've died down by now. But no, fans from all over the world are making covers of the songs and. . .just you wait till they figure out that a sequel to Frozen is in the works. That'll really drive some people nuts.

When it came to costumes, I didn't want to dress up as something cliché, I liked being a bit different than others. Makes me feel unique.

"Well, I want to dress up as Carrie," I muttered, thinking no one would hear me. Apparently, completing a mile run in P.E. first thing in the morning wakes people up, because the girls that just pasts me stopped in their tracks.

One of them asked, "Who's that? Isn't that movie really old?"

Another commented, "Act like a girl for once. . ."

But Carrie is a girl.

I wanted to pour fake blood on myself and look just like her during the prom scene. I watched the original and the remake last night.

Eventually they rolled their eyes and continued to jog, looking like sweaty, glamorous divas.

I muster up some strength and continue to run. Man, I'm out of shape.


In the locker room, some of the upperclassmen, or women, were chit-chatting about this mega, epic, horrifying Halloween party that included a supposedly "scary" haunted house.

Me being a lowerclassmen, wanted to do whatever it took to fit in. Even if it was the slightest bit.

"You should totally come, Veronica," a tall brunette mentioned. "It'll be fun! You just need to live a little."

I was in the middle of taking off my basketball shorts when the brunette asked me, "Hey, you!"

When I looked, she said, "Yeah, you. Got some paper I could borrow?"

What, are you going to give it back or something. It's "can I have some paper," not borrow.

"Uh, yeah. I think so. Let me check," was my response to them. Ugh. Why am I acting so nervous? It's not like this chick is the queen or something.

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