Chapter One

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Felix's POV
' And then Joshua kissed Faith gently on the lips, both eyes closed..' I finished typing the last couple of words into the story. I couldn't believe I had just finished writing yet another fan fiction. Oh who am I kidding, I have nothing else better to do...

"Hey Lix!" My best friend, well only friend, Trenton says as he sits next to me under a tree outside of the school. He gives me a quick side hug.

I smile gently, "Hey T, what's up?"

He smiles wide, "What I can't see what my best friend is up to on this fine day?" He says in a professional voice.

I laugh, he's so weird sometimes.

"So Lix, how's the fan fiction coming along?" Oh don't ask why he calls me Lix, it's how he said my name when we first met, which was when we were like four.

"It's great! Just finished typing the last chapter." I smile.

He smiles back, "That's great! I bet it's great just like all your other ones."

I give him a hug and mutter 'thanks' into his side. Even out of all my books I've written, this just has to be my favorite! No idea why but it just speaks to me in some way.. It only about me and my crush, Jackson Fenwick. He's absolutely perfect, I smile just thinking about him.

Trenton takes notice in this, "Daydreaming again are we?" He playfully nudges my shoulder.

I smile a bit too wide, "Wouldn't you, I mean have you seen Jack?! He's amazing!" Im pretty sure my smile is getting even bigger just talking about him. But then I frown when I remember how we are completely different people, "But I know he won't like me. We are opposites, he wouldn't want me anyways."

Trenton's smile then slips off his face as well, "Lix, you can't keep doubting yourself over him, who knows maybe he could like you too!"

I give him a small smile, "Thanks for trying Trenton, but he doesn't even know I exist. And why would he want to date a gay guy who writes fan fictions and gets bullied everyday for being who they are? No one, heck I wouldn't even date me.."

Trenton just gives me a sympathetic smile in return.

Hiii so here's the first chapter, hopefully it doesn't suck?? And sorry if it's not very long I am super tired.


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