Up on the roof top

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I can honestly say I regret everything I've done since meeting Lucy up on the roof.

The meeting hung over my head like a pack of hungry vultures. I knew I had to comply with Lucy's demands, or lose the privacy I enjoy at home. So I sucked up whatever courage I had and went to the roof.

Huge mistake. There, on the school's roof, was Lucy Rickel. I trudged over to where she stood, but far enough away that her arms couldn't reach me.

"You really came. I'm surprised given the mean tricks I've played on you, like the time I left that...." She started to say.

"How can you even say that with a straight face?" I half scream.
I took a deep breath. "Don't show weakness in front of her." I told myself.

"Ok, what did you want to talk to me about?" I said struggling to keep calm.

"Well, as you we sleeping, you said something about 'Lucius' so I thought.." She started to say,

"Wait, wait. You mean Lucius talks to you too?" I was really shocked to hear that. I always attributed my recurring dreams to the bad food I ate.

"Yeah, he does. He just says the same thing over and over. I don't know what he means by 'summoner' or 'guide'. All I know is you are having the same dream I am."

My mind was racing. I didn't know what to say. Is this just a strange coincidence? Or could this really mean something?

"What do you think this could mean?" I questioned Lucy, but she just stared at the sun.

"I think it means something." A voice called out from the other side of the roof. I turned to see Bryson eating his lunch. Lucy and I just stared at him. We were both shocked to see him and scared to think he heard everything we had said. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone what I heard. I've been having the same dream." He said nonchalantly.

"You... You've been having that same exacted dream as us?" Lucy looked like she was going to freak out and any moment.

"Yeah...why do you think I was sleeping in class? I haven't had a good nights sleep in six days." He took a bite out of his apple. Since Bryson slept in class everyday, it was hard to confirm whether he was sleeping more than normal.

Lucy crossed her arms, "Ok Purple Hair, what do you think this means?" Bryson looked up from his lunch. "Well it's obvious! A god from another world need our help and he's sending a guide to bring us there!" He said it with such conviction I almost believed him.

Lucy choked on her laughter. "Bryson, you have been reading way too much manga to think that will ever happen."
I chuckle to myself also. Another world that needs our help? Ha! That kind of stuff only happens in fiction.

"Bryson, as much as I would like to save another world and have superpowers! That will never happen. You need to get your head out of your comics and back into reality." Lucy ranted.

"I never said anything about superpowers..." Bryson said sheepishly,

Lucy gave him a sigh of annoyance. "I don't even know why I called you up here anymore Tonitro,"

"Your not the only one..." I said under my breath.

"Well if you excuse us, we will be leaving now." Lucy said bluntly to Bryson. I turned to Lucy, "We..?" I didn't have time to finish my question, Lucy grabbed the back of my shirt and started to drag me to the roof top stairs.

"Wait! Let go of me! You crazy women!" I yelled, but it was hopeless. Her grip was crazy strong.

As I struggled for my life, a bright light lit the entire roof. It was like the flash of a camera but it didn't stop. It hung in the air. "What is that?!" I yelled.

"I told you!...I think?" I heard Bryson shout.

The bright light disappeared as fast as it appeared. Standing there was a beautiful girl with hair was so white it reflected hundreds of different colors. Her dress was a light shade of green with pink, blue, and white mixed in.

I could see Bryson had the same look of shock as I did. We both stared dumb struck at this girl. The more I stared at her, the tighter Lucy's grip felt.

The girl didn't look much older than the three of us, but she gave off an air of wisdom and power but also playfulness. She turned to face me and Lucy and said, "My name is Tilith. Lucius; God of the gate sent me here as your guide."

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