I loved you all along | Kenny Imagine

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I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with enough junk food for two people alone for the third Friday in a row. My best friend Kenny ditched me again, every Friday we have a movie night or should I say "had" a movie night every Friday up until he got a new girlfriend. Elaine, was her name and being a conniving bitch was her game. When her and Kenny started dating Kenny started hanging out with me less when I asked him why "Elaine doesn't want me hanging out with you" was his excuse. I was beyond pissed, but he told me he would, and I quote, "still find time for me." So we made a deal: we could still have our movie nights every Friday and every other day of the week he could hang out with Elaine. Somehow Elaine convinced Kenny to hang out with her EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Now, for the past two Fridays, tonight being the third, he has called me asking for a rain check or making other lame excuses. My friend Bree keeps telling me I shouldn't come between their relationship, because they "obviously love each other." But I don't think the love each other, I think Elaine is just using Kenny for his fame. I fall asleep half way through the movie and I hear my phone buzz from the kitchen.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" I yell out, getting up from the couch and walking into the kitchen. I click the answer button and put the phone up to my ear.
"Hello?" I ask groggily.
"Hey I know it's 11:00 but can you please come over?" Kenny ask.
"Kenny, what's wrong?" I ask, concern in my voice.
He inhales deeply, "Please just come over I'll tell you when you get here."
"I'm coming," I say.
"Thanks," he says.
"Yeah, yeah that's what they all say," I say sarcastically then hang up. When I hang up it takes me back to my home screen where I see I have 10 missed calls from Kenny, eight text messages, and two voicemails. Wow he must really be upset. I throw on a pair of flip-flops and drive to Kenny's apartment complex. Ten minutes later I'm at his doorstep, I don't even bother knocking I just get the spare key from under the doormat and let myself in. Once I'm inside I here water running.
"Kenny?" I shout out.
"In here," he replies back weakly. I open the bathroom door to see him fully clothed sitting in the shower, leaning against the wall, letting water pour over him.
"Kenny what's wrong?" I ask, turning off the water.
"She broke up with me," he says in a whisper.
"That bitch she always gave off a bad vibe I knew she was going to break your heart, that fucking bitch!" I say, feeling my cheeks burn with anger.
"I didn't deserves her," he says.
"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" I ask him in shock.
"I didn't deserve her, I was a terrible boyfriend," he says.
"Kenny Holland, she didn't deserve you, you deserve so much more than that wannabe Barbie, and you were an amazing boyfriend you spoiled her rotten, one day she will realize she missed out big time," I say, climbing in the shower and sit next to him.
He chuckles, "You always know what to say Y/N."
"Look at me, are you okay?" I ask him.
"Yeah I'm okay now that you're here," he says, flashing me a cheesy smile.
We just stare at each other then we're inches away from each other's faces.
"Hi," I say, feel my cheeks heat up.
"Hi," he says, which is by a chuckle. We smile at each other before we kiss. Before I can even process the thought that I'm kissing my best friend it's over.
"Y/N will you be my girlfriend?" He ask shyly.
"Yes," I say while nodding my head yes.

I really suck at endings, Abigail should make a song about me.😏

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