Chapter 9

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Ashton Didnt Talk To Me Or Look At Me For Almost 4 days straight And Every Single Day It Hurt More,.The Pain Of Not Being Able To See His Beautiful Smile Killed Me I Felt Like Crap For Not Telling Him We Were Expecting. But How Could I .. i Was Too Scared To Tell Him it Wouldve Mest Up His Career, What If He Didnt Want A Child At The Moment. I Knew I Shouldve Waited Till His Career Wasnt Soo Busy, I Was Only 19 And He Was 22 We Were Too Young And I Was Getting Ready To Go To cosmetology School i Got Home One Day And Saw A Note it said " Hey I Went Out With The Band I Love You Dont ever Think Differently" I Cried Reading This "He Came In At Around 11 and I Was On The sofa Laying down Watching Stupid Love Movies I Opened The Door And Looked Him In The Eyes For 5 Seconds He Hugged Me And said "Im Soo Sorry For Being Such An Asshole To You, You Dont Deserve That You Deserve Soo Much Better i Hugged him And Began to Cry On his Shoulder "

This Was Going To Be The Start Of A Huge Change ..

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