Chapter 25

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"My family went away for the weekend Serena you know that."

"Chris? Honey, are you here?"

"Holy shit it's my mom!"

We heard her coming up the stairs.

"She's gonna come in here I know her."

As soon as she came up the stairs, she went into her room and we ran downstairs.

"Quick get in the closet!"

"Chris? If you're here, I only came to grab some more clothes. Oh I better put his laundry away."

Laura, Chris's mom, liked to talk to herself.

When Laura was done talking, I realized how small their front closet was.

It was barely big enough to fit both of us. It was full of coats and it was pitch black.

"Is there a light in here?"

"Ya I'll see if it works."

He pulled the string on the light and it was only a faint orange glow.

"I guess I need to change the lightbulb."

"Chris your butt is pushing the door open."

He pushed himself more inside the closet and on top of me. I was against the wall and I felt all his muscles on me. I could feel his abs against my stomach.

The orange light highlighted his muscles. They looked really big. He had his arms wrapped around me and I could feel the heat coming off him. I was cold seeing how I was only wearing his jersey over my bra and panties.

I looked up at Chris and he was staring at me. His beautiful blue eyes were looking at me and I wanted him to kiss me so bad.

"Serena... I know you want me."

He started moving his hands through my hair and down my back. He was teasing me.

"Chris just kiss me." I just wanted to yell at him, but I couldn't because I didn't want his mom to find us. We were forced to whisper.

Chris has this sexy low voice and I can't resist it.

"Serena I'm not hooking up with you in my closet. Only because I know you want to." He smirked at me and he knows I can't stand when he does this.

"Chris please. Just one kiss."

"Let's play a little game shall we? I'll just start, talking, and let's see how you react."

"Chris your mom is in the house are you crazy?"

"Humor me, Serena."


"Ok. We're laying on my bed. I pull your shirt off and start kissing your chest, then your stomach. I make eye contact with you the whole time. I kiss your hips and run my hands down your chest and onto your thighs. I ask, 'what should we eat for lunch and you say"


Oh God...!! I said lasagna.

Chris made his low husky laugh. This boy knows how to get me going.

"Serena I know you feel me against you. All my muscles. You can't resist me. If you give in, we have to wait until tomorrow night." Oh he was torturing me.

"Oh Chris you're just too perfect."

He started to lean into me and I turned my head. I'm not waiting any longer.


"Alrighty now I can finally leave. Chris's room is clean and I can go. By house!"

"Quiet it's your mom!"

We were silent until the door slammed shut.
I managed to wiggle past Chris out of the closet.

"Hey come back here!"

Chris chased me and we fell to the floor behind his couch.

He kissed me like no kiss I'd ever felt. Sparks flew and it was magic.

He started moving his hands to he hem of the jersey and took it off. This is what I've been waiting for.

"Serena you do know we're on the floor?"

"Just keep kissing me Chris."

"You wanna do this here?"

"I don't care where we are, as long as you're with me."

There was non stopping us after that. It felt like we were one person. It was breathtaking. He held my hand and we took our time. It felt like hours went by.

We fell asleep on the floor and it was relaxing being held by Chris all night.

But it wasn't the morning after I was expecting.

"Chris get down here we're going to the Bruins game later bro!"

"Rink side seats!"

All we had on top of us was a blanket. I wasn't wearing anything so this kind of embarrassing.

"Oh shit Chris Serena what the hell?"

"Kevin man do you mind?"

"Chris! Oh uh hey Serena. What happened here? Chris did you take this poor girls flower?"

I blushed and pulled the blanket more around me.

"Guys fuck off leave us alone."

"We have Bruins tickets idiot!"

"Oh no way! How many?"

"6 all on the ice."

"We should go!"

"Serena you want to go? I thought we would have a day to ourselves."

"Oh come on you know you want to go."

"Yea I kinda do."

"Ok let's go. Ok can someone pass me my underwear and that jersey."

Kevin and Conor looked at me like I had 4 heads."

"Guys just throw them to me it's not like touching a dead body. Chris isn't exactly in the condition to get them."

"Fine I'll get them." Kevin picked up my underwear with his foot and threw it at me. He tossed over the jersey.

They just stared at me.

"Do you mind?" They blushed and turned around.

"Ok you're fine."

I got up and went into the kitchen to get some food.

"Hey Serena when did you get an ass?"

"Guys come on that's my girlfriend."

"Sorry man she just has a nice ass. It's a complement."

"You guys go home back to your girlfriends, and my bestfriends, may I add. We will be ready by 12 and we will pick you guys up and drive to the train station." They walked out and it was already 11 so we had to get ready quickly.

"I'm gonna go home and get ready. Text me when you're on the way."

"Do you have to go now?" He looked a little sad.

"Yes you know I do. Now put some clothes on I need a ride." We got dressed and he drove me home.

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