Chapter 8

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The lady suddenly rushes up to us.

"Who are you, and what do you want?!" Shyanne snaps, standing defensively, purposefully blocking me, no doubt to keep me in my place.

The lady, despite me being behind Shyanne, bowls Shyanne over, knocking my chair down.

"Oww!" I shout as my head bangs against the chair that fell to the ground.

"Sorry," She mutters as she quickly, and swiftly, handcuffs Shyanne's wrists, and pins her to the ground. Shyanne growls angrily. Her eyes, normally a soft hazel, start to glow bright red, and her hands glow dark red and black. This, as I could see, was her magic which could not break her handcuffs.

"Sorry, magic-proof!" The lady with red hair smirks, obviously referring to what Shyanne said to me.

"Get off me,
You stupid flea!
Undo my handcuffs,
Or this is gonna ge-" Shyanne sings, but is cut off. The red-head stuffs an actual sock in her mouth.

"I am immune to your silly siren voice too!" The lady smirks bigger.

Once she is done restraining Shyanne, the lady gets off of Shyanne, and stands next to her. She helps me up, and out of my restraints. I look over, and see that Gavin has fled from the scene, and is probably not even close to us.

"Sorry, I should introduce myself," The red-headed lady apologizes. "My name is Anra, and I have come to capture Shyanne."

"Hey, how do you know my name?!" Shyanne shouts angrily, after she spits the sock out, disgusted.

Anra reaches into her pocket, and drops some kind of rainbow dust on Shyanne's face, which causes her to fall asleep.

"Is that better?" Anra asks.

I nod in amazement, and get out of the chair. I look at my hands, which are slightly red from the bonds that were tied really tight around my hands. There is also pain in my ankles, from where the chair legs were tied to my legs, and my head (Obviously, I just fell on the floor!). "How are you immune to sirens?"

"I am part of a race called Quiixy. We are immune to sirens' voice, and are the best nonmagical fighters. I mean, we do have magic, but we are bred to have the best hand-to-hand combat skills. I am in a society that specializes in the safety of magical citizens, and helps stop evil magical and nonmagical beings. And, yes, I am British. I was originally born and assigned to the British branch of the SMSS, but was then transferred to the U.S. branch so I could help with this situation. I have been considered the best of the best, and was thus chosen for this mission. I have been sent here to capture Shyanne, and to take you back to SMSS headquarters. You have just gotten your powers, and therefore need to be told about the history of magical creatures, how to control your magic, etc. Now will you come willingly? We won't hurt you, I promise," Anra states, sounding like she is reciting a book.

She suddenly leans over and whispers in my ear. "And SMSS stands for the Secret Magical Safety Society."

I nod in interest. "If it will help me get through all this stuff, then, yes, I will come. But what about my family?"

"Your family believes you have gone on a vacation to the Bahamas. You won it in a contest, and are currently there for a while. Basically, we put a spell on them, so they don't freak out when they see your missing. Also, your school believes you are on vacation too, so that's delt with too."

"Woah, OK then," I say.

"Hold on," Anra smiles, and grabs hold of my hand, and Shyanne's arm.

We suddenly zap into a small room. Anra let's go of Shyanne, holds her hand up to a scanner, lets a retinal scan scan her eye, and says, "Agent Anra reporting after a successful mission."

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