January 6th, 2015

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I hate the constant changes in my day to day life. I can have a good day and then a bad day and then another good day ended with two bad days. It's never constant. For example, yesterday I was excited because Carter had dumped me and everything was going well. And then I come home today and my mom has to be a total bitch. She was mad when I got home and decides that she's going to take my iPad and my Nook from me until I clean my room. I give her my Nook but hide my iPad under a pile of clothes in my drawer. She then rages through my room dumping out my suitcase, throwing my stuff on the floor, all the while screaming at me. She finally dug to the bottom of drawer exposing the iPad. I stick my leg out in the walkway to try to stop her from getting away with it and she walked into it. She then starts yelling at me that I kicked her and come at me while I'm laying on my bed. She sits on me and starts hitting me and I'm swatting at her trying to get her off of me. She doesn't stop and during this hits me in the head with the iPad. I'm screaming at her to get off me and then my adrenaline kicks in. I start hitting back with every swing she gives. She goes on and on about how I'm a disrespectful brat and I tell her all that I've learned is from being raised by her. Somehow we make it into her room and she is on top of me on her bed. She is still swinging and I push her off of me onto the floor as she is standing up my brother then comes in and holds my arms down and out of reflex I kick my legs to get away. My feet just so happened to go straight into my moms torso causing her to fly back into her dresser. She makes it back on top of me and my adrenaline has reached the point that I am strong enough to force her off of me. I run to my room feeling a mix of rage and tears. Next thing I know she's coming back to my room with a screwdriver and takes the doorknob off my door. I swear this woman is a mad lady. She starts back with the verbal fighting and my adrenaline is not letting me back down from this fight. We go at it saying the most hurtful things we can think of until she walked away.

This basically cancelled out any good things that happened today.

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