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There was nothing holding me any more. I could move. I could swim. I wasn't sure what to do. The other people looked as confused as I was, floating around, swimming , touching others. For some of them it looked as if they had never seen a human before. I wondered if that could be true.
I pushed off the invisible wall and started swimming toward the surface. I felt the water around me, I felt unstoppable. It was so close and I could see the light above. Just before I was at the top I looked to my right. There I saw a blonde boy starring at me. His hair was floating around him, like an underwater Afro. But, that wasn't the first thing I noticed about him. I noticed his kind baby blue eyes that looked supportive, and at the same time like he could see right into my soul.
He was just about to get to the surface and couldn't make it. I saw his head hit something, another invisible wall perhaps. It sounded like a crash. I couldn't stop myself in time and I hit too. The same noise. Now I had no idea where to go.
A light so bright I had to close my eyes consumed the place. I slowly opened them and saw that it was coming from the middle. The light was about twelve feet below me. I saw a girl swimming toward it who looked like she was mesmerized. As soon as she touched it she disappeared. I kept looking and everyone else backed away. No one daring to touch.
Someone grabbed my hand. I jerked back and looked who it was, the blonde boy. His eyes were wide and he was pointing to the top of the tank. I looked and saw the girl who had just touched the light standing up there outside of the tank.
Another boy nearby had caught on and was swimming toward the light. I started swimming and the blonde boy followed me. The boy touched the light and was gone too, he was also at the top of the tank standing by the girl, who was outside the invisible wall. I was so close. I was there. Everyone was now swimming toward the light. I touched it. Electricity shot through my body and ran though my veins. I was standing at the top of the tank looking down at all the people trying to touch the mysterious light. The blonde boy popped up behind me.
I realized that the boy and the girl that had gotten up here before me looked different. They were wearing the same color wetsuit. The color was certainly not white.

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