Chapter 19

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~Max's POV~

I was so excited that Phoebe was having twins but she was really nervous.

I assured her we could do it but it didn't help much because of how nervous she was.

The doctor told us to come back in 2 months for another check up and we both said ok, made the appointment, and left for home with our daughter who was a little fussy.

When we got home our daughter started screaming bloody murder so Phoebe took her from me and started feeding her.

I couldn't wait for the twins to arrive because then I could have 3 babies to spoil.

I was hoping for 2 more girls but Phoebe wanted boys and I didn't mind as long as they were healthy.

She got done feeding our daughter and laid her down in her crib and she fell right to sleep.

Me and Phoebe sat on the couch and watched some tv before we went to bed and Pheebs ended up falling asleep so I had to carry her to bed.

I pulled her close to me and I laid my hand on her still flat stomach.

I knew that here in a couple months she was going to have a bump and I couldn't wait.

No matter how much she thought she was fat I thought she was beautiful because she was.

She was the most beautiful person in the world and no matter if she was, pregnant or fat I would always love her the same.

I whispered in her and ear and said "I'll never leave you no matter what I love you Pheebs" I kissed her softly and fell asleep next to the love of my life who was going to be in my life forever.

~Pheobe's POV~

I woke up in a panic and when I jumped I woke up Max.

He looked at me concerned and said "what is it Pheebs"

I started crying and he instantly hugged me.

"Max please don't ever leave" I said hugging him super tight

"Pheebs I won't I love you too much" he said "now tell me what's wrong"

"I had a nightmare where you left me because I had a miscarriage and.." I trailed off and started crying more.

He just hugged me and laid his hand on my flat stomach.

After awhile he said "I'll never leave you even if you have a miscarriage you'll still be my beautiful loving caring wife"

I smiled and kissed him passionately.

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