Zoey's eyes blink open the sunlight from the over window shines into
her eyes. She groans and rolls over bumping into something hard. She sits up and looks down at a sleeping Rythian. She smiles slightly. A sudden pain sends her flying off the bed and onto the floor. The gold in her eyes starts to flicker brightly.
"R-RYTHIAN!" She yells her body stiff and frozen as her eyes glow brightly. Rythian swings off the bed down next to her his eyes wide.
"Zoey!" He shouts. His eyes glow a deep purple and particles begin to swirl around him. Zoey's body begins to float up and three blaze rods pull themselves out of her body. The door flys open and Teep runs in, his eyes glowing green and his claws growing, he looks at Rythian his eyes wide. Rythian looks back over to Zoey in panic and her face is still,other than the swirling gold in her eyes. Dark purple mist flows out of Rythian and Teep begins to grow.
"Teep! Get outside quickly!" He shouts at him. He nods then flys down the corridor. Rythian looks up at Zoey and reaches up. His hand is hit away by the spinning rods. He growls and tries again managing to reach her hand. He holds onto it as he pulls her down. The rods spin faster creating golden dust. The purple and gold dust begins to mix as Rythian pulls them together.
"Zoey..." He whispers as the rods hit his back. "Snap out of it. " He leans over her and wraps his arms around her small body. A large roar comes from outside as a dinosaur passes he window.
It stops.
Zoey and Rythian fall to the ground. A large thud is heard outside as Teep falls over and shrinks back to his normal size.
What was behind this? Who triggered this?


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