Chapter 9

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Charlotte's P.O.V

"Wait, huh?"

Nikel took me by the arm and hid behind a tent selling carpets. An elf-like creature was startled by our sudden entry. "Aye, get out! Havin a buisness here!"

"S-sorry, your carpets look nice by the way," I pacified him. "Carpets? What carpets? They are magical carpets, only moronic mortals will have ordinary stupid carpets."

Hey! Stupid carpets? Does this elf-idiot thinks he's-

"Charlotte, look over there."

Nikel tilted his head to towards the black, gold-sequined tent. It had a bright, blue glow coming from the slit opening of the tent. "Thats the Oracle, although she doesn't like revealing her true identity." "So...we have to like, prove ourselves or something?" Nikel nodded. Ah,well, a quest wasn't made to be easy.

Nikel and I tried to blend in with the feathery, taily, scaly crowd as we crossed over to the black tent. As we got closer, I sensed a weird vibe. Like a magic protection. Did Nikel feel it too?

He pushed the heavy black robe and gestured me in. The tent was illuminated by a aqua-blue ball set on a table covered with a velvet cloth. It gave me the impression this was meant to be a fortune-telling tent, where you get all your cards read and stuff. A person sitting on a stool was stoning into space. He or she didn't seem to be moving.

"Excuse me, is the Oracle here?" Nikel spoke.

"Go away, she doesn't wish to see anyone."

"We just need to talk to her."

"I said, she doesn't want to see anyone."

Well, this is hard.

"Then maybe you could help us tell her this?" I asked. "Apparently, the world I am living needs help cause some evil beings are invading it. Can you help me save it?"

The person twisted her arm and stretched out. It took off its velvet robe.

"Do you mean...Earth?"

The moment the person revealed itself, it was an old woman. Her eyes were small and green, and her fingers were as knobbly as my 100 year old neighbour. I nodded at her. She looked at Nikel and asked,"Who is this...?"

"Uh, he's here to help as well."

She eyed Nikel suspiciously. He looked confused and straightened his white tonic.

"Very well. I am the Oracle, the one you have been seeking. I believe you are Charlotte?"

"Yes, nice to meet you Oracle." I bowed. The first impression always lasts.

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