House of Research/House of Summerhouses

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"Can we get to figuring out what's up with the sky and the lightning now?" Nina asked, as the gang talked in the common room. "Thank you, Nina! I almost forgot!" Fabian reached over to kiss her on the cheek, and Amber cheered and clapped her hands together.

Nina and Fabian blushed.

Fabian took out his laptop, and we crowd over him.

He clicked some buttons and typed some things and ended up on a page that explained everything.

"Here--it says that this prophecy happens every thousand years. It is when an Egyptian Equinox and an eclipse come together to make the Chosen One's dagger. The orange sky and yellow lightning signals that the dagger has been made and the Osirian will sense it. If the dagger ever ends up in the wrong hands, they may control the Chosen One, or stab his or her, taking away all of her powers, and killing them. They then become the Chosen One." Fabian explained.

Fabian closed the laptop.

"So, Eddie needs to sense the dagger? Well, what are you waiting for?" Alfie asked, slapping down his hands to his sides. "It's not that easy, I haven't mastered all of my powers." Eddie shrugged.

"How is he even supposed to find this dagger?" Jerome wondered. "I don't know. I guess he'll just be attracted to it. Like how dogs are attracted to the scent of a decomposing dead body." Fabian gave an example.

"Well, thanks for putting that picture in my head." Eddie sighed. He saw a flash of a wavy like dagger with Nina's name on it. Eddie blinked, and backed up a bit.

"What? What is it, what happened?" Nina interrogated. "Did something happen?" Courtney, the Patricia replacement, walked in.

"And you just happen to be here...because..." Mara wondered. "Eddie called me." Courtney stood next to him.

"So, what happened?"

Eddie began to explain, "I saw a flash of Nina's dagger. It was silver and wavy."

"We can get the full description later. Where was it?" Courtney pressed. "I-I don't know. The flash didn't last long enough for me to..." Eddie got another one. He came forward, and grasped the couch.

He saw the woods, and a flash of a white building.

Eddie gulped. "The summerhouse. Where I found one of the pieces for the staff."

"Let's go!" They ran all through the woods and got to the summerhouse.

Little did they know, a blonde spy was on their trail.

He dialed Reggie's number.


"Reggie, I have some information you would like to know. About the Chosen One's dagger."

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