House of Replacement/House of Plans

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After his run-in with Patricia, Eddie had made a decision the next day.

"Guys!" He walked into the common room, where he found the group talking. "I've found a girl that can replace Patricia!"

"Replace Patricia? Why?" Mara asked. "There is a void in the group." Eddie responded. "What void?" Fabian asked.

"The girl that makes fun of ideas, agrees with people, and gets jealous all the time!" Eddie explained. "And what if this girl tells the entire school our secret, Eddie? Oh my god, what have you done?" Nina asked.

"She promised that she wouldn't tell anyone. She's in contact with Reggie!" Eddie replied. "Doesn't that make her our enemy? Eddie, you can't make these kind of decisions without us." Nina said.

"Nina." Fabian touched her shoulder. "He's broken." He whispered. "Let's see her." Nina gulped.

Eddie called out, "Courtney!"

A girl walked in, and had an uncanny resemblance to Patricia.

"'ll keep our secret?" Amber asked. "Cross my heart." Courtney promised.

"Okay, I have to go. I'll see you guys later?"

She left, and Eddie leaned forward, "She has a crush on me."

"What!?" They yelled. "But this is perfect! Patricia will get jealous--like she always does, and want me back!"

"Eddie, you're going crazy now. " Joy shook her head. "I'm fine. Okay?"

Short, short, short! I hate short chapters! I really wanted to make this longer!


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