Chapter 3

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Everything was going perfectly fine in mental abusement to humans (math) until Andy came

Ugh I can't stop looking/thinking about him

I wonder what goes on in that sexy mind of his


My name is Andy.

I hate girls but love video games.

The only girl I like is my sister.

She's 16.

The only reason why I like her is because...


I was walking down the streets when I heard a girly scream coming from an alley.

Curiously I followed the screams until I saw my 14 year old sister Oceané being raped by 3 guys and  2 girls were helping the guys by beating her up.

I punched each guy while the 2 other girls left .

I picked up Oceané and held her in my arms.

"I'm sorry Oceané that I wasn't there to protect you during this" I said

"J-just take me home Andy"


At home....

"Do you need help with anything?" I said while putting Oceané on the ground"

"N-no thanks"

"Alright call me if you do"


I have another reason why I hate girls

I used to date this girl Elisa.

Man I was in love with her.

I gave her my all (one of them being my virginity)

But she just threw it away

Blaming me for everything she did wrong.

She cheated on me with my best friend

We broke up

And I thought all girls were the same.

That they would just hurt you in the end.

But all that changed when I met Frankie.


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