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So then Booda stops and stands up she walks to the bathroom stumbling a little bit . She grabs her bag on the way there and enters the bathroom. Booda starts to think to herself should she really be doing this. Booda pulls her 10' strap on out of her bag . She pulls her cargo shorts and her boxers off ; and begins to tie on her strap . Once its on she began to put on her boxers over her strap as she began to pick up her stuff Victoria came and opened the door and she looked at Booda's strap . Booda sat in shock because she didn't know what to do . Victoria grabbed the things that were in Booda's hand and threw them to the side . She closed the door to the bathroom and grabbed Booda by the face . Booda's hearts began to beat faster and faster . She was so nervous . Victoria began rubbing on Booda's strap. She pulled her strap out and began rubbing it against her clit. Victoria Whispered

Victoria : Im ready .

Booda then picked Victoria up and began to kiss her passionately. She then placed Victoria on her strap as Victoria Began to breathe deeply.

Victoria : Wait Wait ! Can we go lay down please.

Booda doesn't say anything she just pulls the strap out of Victoria. She doesn't put her down though . Victoria wrapped her legs around her and started tongue kissing her . Booda opened the bathroom door and began walking to the bed Booda laid her down in the bed and put her strap in her . Booda's heart began to beat again as Victoria started to scratch her back and bite her chin . Booda began to grin as Victoria bite her chin. Booda started slowly stroking in and out of her . Booda began to peer down at her strap going in and out of Victoria . Victoria grabbed Booda's face and made her look into her eyes and Booda's heart began to race faster and faster. Booda began to kiss her more and more . As they got closer she felt Victoria's heart beating just as fast . Victoria brought Booda's body closer to hers. Victoria then whispered

Victoria : I want you in deeper and I want you to go faster .

Booda: Are you sure ?

Victoria : Yes . Now .

Booda then began to go deeper and faster as Victoria began to moan louder and as the sex in the air got more intense they felt like they were just floating on cloud 9 they felt nothing but chemistry.

Victoria: Mmm I love you .

Then Booda stopped.

Booda : What did you just say ?

Victoria: Nothing why you stoping ?

Booda : I thought I heard ... Nevermind.

Booda began to continue while Victoria wrapped her arms around her neck and began to state that she was cumming. Booda started to stroke faster while wrapping her arm around her squeezing her tighter .

Victoria: Im about to cum yess baby don't stop. Keep going yesssss .

Her eyes began to roll back and her whole body began to shake . Booda then pulled her strap out and looked at the cum all over it . She stood up and showed Victoria, Victoria then tried to get up but she was still shaking so she crawled over to Booda and began to suck all the cum off of her strap booda then began to get wet and Victoria layed her down and made her take off her strap . Victoria began to give Booda head . Booda grabbed her head and began to navigate it . Victoria then put her finger inside of Booda And she began to breathe heavily. Victoria came up to Booda and asked

Victoria: Can I use the strap on you ?

Booda : No . I'm still a virgin.

Victoria: I was to . You took mine I can take yours .

Booda : No .

Victoria: Ok.

The whole time they were talking Victoria was putting on the strap on and she eased back up to kiss Booda and slipped it in. Booda then arched her back hugely and started biting her lip . Victoria smiled at her reaction and started slowly stroking . She strokes about 7 times then she stopped. She took the strap off as Booda just layed there speechless .

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