Imagine 6: You try to commit suicide

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You always got hate and bullied in school, work, social media and even your own family, so you started to stay over your boyfriend's house. Harry knew your situation and would try new things for you to get better. You figured that it was no use for you to keep going to your therapist/Counselor. You thought it was best to end your life because you didn't want to get Harry more involved in your stupid life.

It was 3am and you knew that Harry would already be sound asleep. You got up from bed and went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a long sharp meat knife. You started to cry and slowly placed the knife in your stomach. You were going to stab yourself when the light switch goes on and you stop.

Harry stands there rubbing his eyes quickly and starts running to you but you back away.

"Harry don't get close." You cry and put the knife again on the same place.

"Don't do it, we can work this out please." He puts his arms up to show you no harm.

"I can't, I have put you into so much stress Harry I don't want my life to ruin yours." You sob and stare down at the knife.

Before you could extend your arm Harry rushes to you and smacks the knife away from your hand and hugs you tight. You begin to cry loudly and sob into his chest. "Don't ever fucking do that! You hear me." He yells at you and starts to cry.

"You deserve more than taking your life away." He whispers and kisses your cheek.

You ignore what he telling you and try to get out of his grip but you can't. You don't want to believe what he says but he still holds you and whispers to you.

"You mean something good to yourself and me. You are a Beautiful girl, don't listen to what people say about you. Your someone special to me and your worthy of something great in life." He says.

He holds you there until you believe that it's true, and when you finally do he makes you feel worthy.

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