Chapter 1

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I swung a strap of my bag over my shoulder as I walked through the dense forest. The faint sounds of feet stomping as they walked could be heard in the distance. I paid no mind to it and continued my trek to the nearest town. I had met a young boy there who had become a younger brother to me. I was planning on going back the next month but then had to push it off due to spikes in titan activity in the forest. The titans didn't calm down until a year later.

Then as I was gathering the things I needed to travel back to the city, a massive storm blew through the forest. It completely destroyed the cabin I lived it and I lost most of what I had. I was able to save the cloths I had gotten in the city, the chest I used for smoke, and my sword. From then I had to rebuild everything and scavenge for the food and utilities I would need. It took me just under 2 years.

Now, I was determined to get to the city and see the young boy again.

As I was thinking about the few days I had spent there a larger titan that looked like its skin was bone rushed at me from behind a tree. I unsheathed my sword and jumped out of the way. As soon as my feet were once more on the ground I turned to the titan. It was quick but I was quicker.

The titan had run through the trees and disappearing from my sight. Before I even had time to sheath my sword or even start walking again I heard loud groans and whines behind me. I turned to see seven ravenous titans. All seven were 5-meters but I knew I wouldn't be able to kill them all easily with the space I had. I sheathed my sword; they were 13 meters away now. I slid my bag off my shoulder and set it on the ground next to me; 9 meters. I pulled my dark blue jean jacket off, showing my black and gray wings, and stuffed it into my bag; 3 meters.

I was born with these wings, cast out with these wings, and lived with these wings.

I spread my wings and jumped, my wings beating down hard. My wings lifted me into the air twenty feet before I had to twist and turn to get through the canopy of the huge oak-like trees that made up the forest around my house.

Once through the insane jungle of leaves and branches, I made it out and into the light of the day. Not even thinking about flying higher, in case any larger titans were to look over in my direction, I stayed close to the tree tops.

With my bag still in hand and my sword at my hip, I headed off to the city with three walls...

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