House of Dating/House of Fights

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"So, you're in a band?" Patricia sat back in her seat, while grabbing some fries from the plate. She was at a diner with her new boyfriend.

"Yeah. We're called 'Broken Kingdom'." Dustin responded. "So, if you're apart of a band, Dustin Fever must be your stage name. What's your real one?"

Dustin smiled. "You certainly are perceptive."

They leaned forward. "I'm not telling."

"Fine!" Patricia chuckled.


"Look at them. He's torturing her!" Eddie scoffed. "Eddie, dude. It is called laughing and smiling." Jerome corrected.

"She's looks happy." Joy stated. Eddie glared at her. "So-rry."

Eddie looked at Fabian for help. "You were the one who broke up with her. Not me."

"We were on a break!" Eddie yelled. "Okay, Eddie, our lives are anything but a Friends episode. You left her, Eddie. She found someone. You made a choice." Nina told him.

"God, I'm gonna do something about this." He walked across the street. "Eddie!" Nina yelled. She runs across the street with speeding cars passing. "Watch out, Nina!" Fabian ran across the street with her.


Eddie looked inside the window, and sighed. Nina caught up with him, and saw his face. "I don't have the courage to go up to Patricia." He realized. "Eddie..." Nina comforted as she rubbed his back.

"I can't do it, Nina. I just can't." Patricia and Dustin come out, and Patricia looks at the three of them. "Nina! Fabian!" Patricia smiled. She hugged them, then looks at Eddie. Patricia smile changed into a frown when she saw Eddie. "Who's your friend?" Patricia asked.

"Yacker, i-it's me." She squinted at him and responded, "Actually, I don't recognize you at all."

Eddie sighed, knowing what she was referencing to. "Dustin, wait in the car." Patricia ordered.

"Patricia. Yacker." Eddie breathed. Her curly auburn hair flies in the chilly wind, and then she gave him a cold, well-deserved slap.

"Ow!" He complained. "You don't have the right to call me that name anymore after what you did to me."

"I know but-"

"No buts, Eddie. I've moved on. So should you. Sibuna is dead to me. I'm never coming back." She declared. "Yac-." Eddie paused. "Patricia. Please."


She turned around and started walking away.

Jealousy grew inside Eddie, which compelled him to say, "Bet you wish you married him, huh?"

Patricia stopped in her tracks.

"Maybe I do."


Did this kick you in the feels? I bet it did. It did.


Discussion Questions:

How do you feel about Dustricia?

Will Eddie get Patricia back?

Who will replace Patricia's spot in Sibuna?

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