Chapter One

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My mommy and I were going shopping today. I was so excited, and jumpy. Causing my legs to swing back and fourth. My mommy was the best in the whole wide world. She loved, and she always gave me hugs. I smiled, the biggest smile I could muster.

Mommy smiled down at me, as she bent down and buckled up my seat belt. Giving it a little tug and kissing me on the forehead. Mommy had started the car. Turning the key a few times until we both heard the car start. My legs never stopped going back and fourth.

"Mommy. Can we listen to some Radio Disney?"Mommy laughed, and turned up the volume. Both of us singing along.

Mommy had parked. Lifting me up in a hug. I giggled, in response. Giving mommy a kiss, she of course returned it. We walked side by side. Mommy was holding tightly on my hand.

The mall was big. My eyes went from one store to the other. Mommy and I went into one of the shops. There were just a few people shopping, and looking inside the store. I stopped, and eyed a weird man. Tugging onto Mommy's arm to get her attention. She looked down, "What's the matter baby?"

I pointed towards the guy in the corner. Mommy didn't seem to notice him. "Are you alright honey?" I gave mommy a weird-confused look. She returned to looking at various clothes that were apart of some sale.

My eyes locked onto the guy's in the corner. He had a single finger raised. As if he was telling me to keep quiet. I suddenly, didn't feel so good. I tugged my mommy again, and she looked down. Her expression changed and the next second she was in Full-Mommy mode. Checking every inch of myself to see that I wasn't hurt, but fine.

A loud ringing sounded through the whole mall. I counted and there were at least ten men in this store and more of them outside doing the same thing to the other stores. All of them had on ski masks, there faces were unknown.

They began to point guns and started yelling,"The mall is closed and were taking over. Now everyone get in the corner and stay quite. We wouldn't want anyone to die. "

I gripped Mommy's hand, as mommy ushered me into a tight hug. I closed my eyes too terrified, but I still could hear the horse whispers of everybody around me. Whispers of prayer were made, sparking hope into some's hearts. My eyes opened, and the guy was still standing in the corner. Didn't they see him?

A guy was pointing his gun randomly. Shooting in-specified targets. Each one getting closer to man. Wasn't he going to move? I needed to shout, do something. Looking at my mommy, her eyes were filled with liquids, and she smiled. She gave me a hug and told everything would be alright. I hugged he back, and easily slipped out of her embrace.


"Look at what we have here. A little girl, standing up for all these adults. It's pathetic you know. To see what our world has come to. "

"Move. " I said my voice directed to the guy in the corner. His eyebrows quirked up, and smiled. I finally noticed the color of the man's eyes. It was the most distinguishing thing about him. That and he was completely pale. His yellow-orange eyes blazed like an open flame.

The robber grabbed ahold of me. I instantly screamed for help. Struggling against the robber's death grip. I could hear mommy yelling and pleading. Telling the robber that he could have anything, if only he released, and didn't hurt me.

The robber laughed and kicked mommy in the stomach. I screamed at the top of my tiny lungs, earning me to be let go. Only to fall hard on the floor. I landed right on my back, all the while the guy still stood staring l directly at me. Wasn't he going to help? he was still in the exact same position, be holding a smile. What did he have to smile about?

Mommy was screaming. My eyes widened and the next second I was kicked closer to the guy that I could only apparently see. My form stopped short, as if he magically stopped myself from colliding with his shoes. My eyes connected to his, my mouth opened and a faint plead could be heard.

He didn't have to do anything.

"What? Jesus Christ, where did you come from?" The man in the corner fully smiled,"I was already here. You human simply couldn't see me. "

"What's this nonsense? John. I think we have a crazy. "

"What did I tell you about using names you dumb idiot. "

The robbers didn't argue long though. numbers dwindled down, everything seemed faintly hot all of the sudden. I could feel my mommy's arms around me. She looked terrified.

I stared at the man behind my mommy. His body was nothing but jet-blue flames. I could feel myself being drawn to him. With a flick of his wrist the remaining men all died of spontaneous combustion. His eyes looked for mine, then disappeared. But leaving a mark branded on the inside if my tiny wrist. It didn't hurt. But it made me wonder what it meant.

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