Chapter 27

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Percy's POV
"Annabeth you been doing this since you got back from planet chaos." I said "what's wrong." "nothing." Annabeth said pacing the room "Annabeth I want to help." I said "your right to just want to help and you should know." Annabeth said "well when I went with Bianca there was something...unexpected." "What?" I asked "Justin has a daughter but that's not what's wrong." Annabeth "I can't I don't know who the mother is." "When was she born do you know?" I asked "no but by the time we were in our first quest she was born maybe three." Annabeth answered "then she could be no older than six." I said,than calypso ran into the room "Percy Annabeth help me something's wrong with Leo!"
Thalia's POV
I looked at Leo just laying there as Will came in"is he okay!" calypso asked "well he'll be fine but he's poison." Will said "what kind of poison?" Percy asked "we can't identify the poison but it's causing him to have anger and saying things he's not really saying." Will answered "well we when we came back to get him he was talking to himself." calypso said "whatever that is it's mental." Will said "Leo has nothing Mental I know it!" calypso said "in pretty sure he'd tell me if he-!" calypso was interrupted by Justin "I've heard of this poison but it's rare." "It's found in the deepest depths of Tartarus and the antidote doesn't exist." "what why?" Annabeth asked "it's meant to kill its victim not cure it." Justin said "there's gotta be someone who can save him!" I said "there is one person who can save him." Justin responded "who?" calypso asked "himself."

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