Update 「Skie」

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"So what have you girls been up to?" Kari's mother smiled, pulling a chair from the table to take a seat. "You must've done something interesting while you were gone."

"She got in trouble at schoooooool~" Alex blurted from her seat, isolated from the rest of us.

"Wait- wha-" Kari started, before being abruptly interrupted.

"Oh honey, you were going to school?! You should've told your father so he would've let you spend time with all your friends! That was extremely rude of him!" Her mom complained, ruffling her dress as she spoke.

"No...it's alright Mom, really." She smiled in reply, looking down to her lap. "I didn't really have any friends other than Skie. And we technically aren't.... 'friends'."

I gulped as she gripped her jeans, a pain shooting through my veins and lingering in my heart. What did she mean we're not "friends"? What were we then, just toys for each other? If anything, I'd think we were more than friends, maybe even close to dating level, since I'm pretty sure I've received enough evidence from what we've done together. She wouldn't do something like that to me...

..I'm sure of it.

I sighed, adjusting my posture in my chair as the conversation was continued.

"Well, that's a bit rude." Her mother scolded, patting my shoulder. "Why wouldn't you guys be friends? You seemed pretty close when you were talking with your father."

I watched as Kari bit her lip, raising her head to meet the eyes of the causer of twenty questions. She curled them, debating whether to speak as her hair fell from its throne atop her shoulders. An exhale was heard as her hand hit mine under the table, causing me to flinch slightly, but gladly taking its inviting warmth. She curled her fingers around its back, pressing roughly against its fleshy exterior as if asking for allowance. I sighed, smiling and returning the squeeze just as roughly, unsure of what its meaning was.

I glanced upwards to see a grin forming upon her face as her lips parted to speak.

"Mom...lets just say...it's complicated."


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